Americans may not be able to afford current evironmental advances

Today, October 15 2009 marks the annual blog action day in which bloggers alike across that globe come together to bring forth an awareness to the current assumption of climate change. An issue that plagues our world as the threats of green-house effects and global warming are more evident than ever. For years now, we as an advanced society have come to the determination that efforts are needed to be made to save our beautiful earth from the biggest threat known, MAN.

As our technology allows us to become more adaptive, we lose site of what is actually a conscious consideration of the rest of the world around us. Fossil fuels such as our precious gasoline, and the ever pollutant coal have been brought to the effect of causing more harm than good as it has been noticed that these energy sources tend to produce harmful emissions as a by product. Emissions that with years of study have become known to be harmful to not only man but this world as we know it. Emissions keep certain ultra violet rays from escaping the inner atmosphere which in turn promotes a more in depth green-house assumption than witness with natural causes.

In short the longer we come to depend on fossil fuels we are bring our life expectancy on the face on the face of this planet to being concluded early. Our earth is just as fragile as the tenants amongst it and we are now coming to the consideration that changes need to be made. Changes to the way we bring energy into our homes, changes in the way we transport ourselves as commuters, changes in the way we live period.

That change may start now as more and more people are becoming aware of the threat to this earth that we are bringing to it minute by minute. Join the effort to assist in bringing a change to the current practice of energy consumption that is known to man. We need safer more environmentally friendly practices to be made and we need them now.

Although there are ways to becoming environmentally friendly, those practices may not be affordable to the average American. The biggest threat is that as a nation with the largest demand and dependency for fossil fuels, the average citizen may not be able to afford the current considerations taken to negate any formal threat that may be taken towards our environment. I’m speaking of the effects of having the ability to supply a house-hold off of solar energy, or to commute daily via an electric vehicle. In order to completely have any effect to changing the current condition towards climate change we may need to draw forth policies that allow affordable practices to be taken in an effort to save our environment.


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