0-6 and counting

I’m sure that a sign of dismay is on the face of those in the front office at Raymond James Stadium as the Bucs lost it’s first divisional game against the Panthers 28-21. I’m sure that Raheem Morris is feeling pretty frustrated being the head coach of the Bucs whom have not only been able to record a win on the season thus far, but, have still failed to manage a consistent rushing offense. Once again, Carnell Williams the starter only had 84 yards rushing, while QB Josh Johnson had 45 yards with 8 attempts on the ground. What does this say about the Bucs offense that just recorded it’s first first-quarter touchdown on the season. What more could go wrong for this team as of now?

Well needless to say, they Panthers as expected had a field day with the buccaneers defense, racking-up 267 yards on the ground for the day. A part of the Panthers offense that the buccaneers have never been ever to stay committed to, to make an impact against although the passing defense in the form of the ever-loved Tampa-2 was very effective holding the Panthers to 66 yards in the air. Although the Bucs are losing there are signs of life that could validate the fact of ineffectiveness and a lacking of fundamentals, this is still a new team coming to terms with what is at hand, and that’s a very tough schedule for such a young team. An excuses that had been worn-out after the first two losses taken on the season, now we’re at that point in the season where wins are needed to show improvement rather than a loss filled with statistical assumptions and the sense of leaving room for development. What ever happened to that Tampa Bay team that use to put out at least 6 or 7 pro-bowlers a season that were at least winning and ending the season with play-off admirations?

The way Tampa positioned itself to show production on the season has left the Bucs in a position that the only signs of life that may come from the team as a result of tactical roster management venues will be noticed maybe next season as the play scheming will become second nature to the young team with only a hand full of veterans amongst them. Speaking of veterans, the Bucs play the Patriots next week at home. Another loss or can a win be squeezed out of the offense some how?


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