Section 8 Housing

The three most important differences between homeless families and other poor families concern not their personal characteristics, but the resources they need to secure housing.

Subsidized rental housing or Section 8 Housing provides housing assistance to low-income renters and homeowners. During a time in this nations economic history, we are currently witnessing a large increase to those that are applying for the service due to the large number unemployed people that have been affected by the fall of the automotive industry, closing of this nations leading practicing lenders, as well as the change that has been taken towards the minimum wage assumptios as the cost of living has forced people to seek other options of staying sheltered.

Just recently here in Florida, Volusia County issed it’s first application process for those seeking assistane in the form of Housing Choice Vouchers in which thousands turned out for the waiting list hours before the process was to be considered to take effect. How? There use to be a census system that the state in effect with the federal government issues to aid in the enforcing of programs as such that are designed to assist people that are experiencing troubles with rental housing and the attempt to keep it in a supportive measure. With the current effects taken on by the economy there has been a very large increase in the consideration of assistance in which funding options may not be able to assist those in need. Currently, Volusia County is only allotted about 2 million dollars to assist with efforts to assist those seeking options such as the housing choice voucher system, an amount that need to be reconsidered as more and more people are seeking alternitives.

Will there be help for those that are seeking? Needless to say that the event in Volusia County is only to be placed on the waiting list, the number of people that have turned out to seek the federal surplus would influence legislators to agree upon funding and budgeting changes to being made to account for those that are in need of the assistance offered by the Housing Choice Program. There are only about 200 people currently in Volusia County that are benifactors of the program as of now.

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