Warrior Homecoming Against New Port News Apprentice

What can be expected this weekend as the Webber Warriors take on the Newport News Apprentice Program, well you can expect to see more of Freshman QB Torrance Moise as he tries to claim a homecoming win this weekend. So far he has 1138 passing yards in which he averages about 189 yards a game. You can also expect to see Taylor Atwood who under the current offense has slow starts in game in which he faces bigger opponents, but, when facing equally sized schools, the warriors rushing game is stated to be attestable. In the last two games against NAIA schools the warriors put up over 500 yards on the ground in an efficient manner. Hopefully there will be no troubles moving the ball down the field and scoring as the warriors try to claim its second victory on the season and at home.

Leaving the fundamentals of the game to being handled by the struggling defense of the Warriors. A defense that does have potential but not the adequate stability to handle the pressures of small dominate forces. Although being small themselves the warriors could handle what’s thrown at them as the team has 8 total interceptions on the season, however, as a young unit, they leave the passing lanes open for big gains and large threats downfield. Not having very many vet or seasoned players on the team is what has been hurting this program as of now as they try to adjust to having a team in the first place as the warriors are in their fifth season of play as a competitive N.A.I.A program allowing them to make the mistakes of going 1-5 on the season thus far but not to give up hopes of claiming another win.


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