Warriors advance to 2-6 on the season after homecoming

In a defensive homecoming game against the Builders of Newport News Apprentice the warriors struggled to bring in its second win on the season 17-14. The most haunting statistic about the game is the fact that the warriors only ran 53 offensive plays to accumulate a total of 243 yards, in which 69 of them were in the ground. The game seemed to run off of penalties against the warriors that drove the warriors to rely on the tactics of hard nose grind-iron football, a tactics that only could be drawn up by the defensive expertise in that of head coach Kelly Scott. It’s what he is known for.

Although, quarterback Torrence Moise was forced to rely on his rushing and scrambling ability to keep first downs coming, which the warriors were held to only 11, as the freshman quarterback seemed to improve on his passing game as he threw for 22 attempts and landed 17 for 174 yards and 1 touchdown. Moise averaged 10.2 yards a completion on the game as the warriors improved to 2-6.

For a team that had 12 penalties for 94 yards in it’s home coming game this past Saturday the warriors seemed to stay poised under the command of freshman quarterback Moise who now has about 1212 yards passing on the season thus far with two games left on the season.


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