The Webber International University warriors ended the season 4-6 with high hopes for the 2010 season

What a season for the Warriors of Webber International University as they ended the 2009 season with a record of 4-6. Although this is a losing record, the warriors made major accomplishments as a team this season amongst the N.A.I.A that could be used to pace the progression of the team as the 2010 season is anticipated.

The Warriors will lose players such as Sr. DB Anthony Story who had 3 picks on the season for 55 yards and 22 tackles, Sr. LB Yannik Brown who had 46 total tackles and 3 sacks on the season, and Sr. RB Rupert Webley who played 7 games and collected 258 total yards rushing on the season for an average of 36 yards per game or 4.1 yards an attempt.

Hopefully the warriors will welcome back players such as Fr. QB Torrence Moise who had 436 yards rushing and 1967 yards passing on the season, Fr. Receiver Andre Edwards who had 42 receptions for 663 yards and 5 Tds, Fr. Receiver Jamal Rodman who had 35 receptions for 452 yards and 5 Tds, Fr. DB Dale Robinson who had a total of 202 total kick return yards on the season along with receiver Jamal Rodman who had a total of 170 return yards on the season.

For a young team amongst the N.A.I.A, the warriors were very productive as a unit which tends to take on bigger faster paced programs. Amongst the N.A.I.A the warriors as a team were very competitive as they ranked well as a unit amongst the N.A.I.A as a young independent program. The warriors as a unit: Ranks Number 33 in Pass Offense per Game with 214 yards per game, Ranks Number 36 in Total Pass Offense with 2142 yards on the season, Ranks Number 37 in Total Offense Yards per Game with 345 total offensive yards per game, Ranks Number 37 in First Downs per Game with an average of 18 first downs per game, as well as Ranking Number 26 in Pass Effiency with 130 passer rating per game.

The warriors will also be starting the 2010 season with a 3 game winning streak.


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