NFL Lockout issues.

Has anyone noticed that since the 1987 strike that took place amongst the NFL the has not been any real concerns towards player salaries nor the expectations there of. It seems that amidst the current conditions of the proposed lockout is that there are concerns over rookie salary assumptions that have been over looked. I’m sure that since the infamous 1987 strike that took place the NFL would have revised a policy that would handle any and all ensuing concerns towards player salary.

Well the NFL hasn’t. There has been rumors that there may be a potential a developmental league that may be formed of the NFL to improve the relations of rookie incentive that will allow for sound reasoning when a pay rate is considered. Fact of the matter is that is receiving a rookie in certain situations teams are force to consider the impossible and invest in the expectation of a talented individual, which for some cases results in a valuable loss. Not all rookies that enter the NFL are a qualified and productive as considered leaving teams to resort to seeking free-agents or penalized to trade and take on more of a debt than expected. Meaning that not everyone that is accepted as talented individuals are.

This has become a major concern of the NFL as the deadline to reach an agreement between players and owners screaming for answers and a positive result.

Lets just hope as fans there is an considerable offer that may arise from this and the NFL is able to move on and NFL on schedule to kick-off it’s 2011 season as expected.


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