How the NFL CBA talks should conclude

With twelve days left till the deadline for the negotiations that have begun as a collective bargaining agreement has been issued much is to be considered of the talks before any assumption of a stable direction is presented.

First there is the “Rookie wage scale assumption” that the NFL and the player union must agree on as the current class of up-in0-coming rookies prepare for the combine to take place. With in the dynamics of this agreement there is to be an assumption of a base pay rate for rookies as the transition of amateur skills are categorized into a professional statistical analyst. The rookie may be hurt in this portion of the negotiations due to the fact that the agreement may put an end to the known high-rolled signing incentives that have been offered to rookies in the past and introduce a smoother approach towards the expectations of professional pay as a player amongst the NFL.

Then there is the labor talks which have resulted in a no-salary cap to being permitted during the 2010 season of the NFL. A rather left-handed approach when you consider the amount of free agents that were amongst the NFL during the 2010 season as well as players seeking to bargain for a better contract to ensure stability and potential playing time. The NFL pretty much just said the hell with it all you guys(the owners and the players) have made the NFL what it has become as of now as the most entertaining sporting event, resolve this matter before the season starts. And what happened, nothing was resolved and the player and owners were stuck trying to consider how to further represent themselves to come to an agreement of terms.

Then there is the now infamous NFL “Health Care” Incentive. This was the most current news of the talks before mediation took place as it as a token of the NFL’s gratitude has considered that the players become 50% payers off the premium package with the NFL pretty much just offering a some claim in the deal as payers and further providing the accessibility to health services. Leaving some players and owners feeling robbed and not properly represented as employees of the NFL as a corporation and public entity.

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