Dixie Walesbilt hotel

Reminder: This is just a suggestion that may help improve the economic consideration that Lake Wales is going through and projected to impact on.

With all the action that has been taken upon the structure known as the Grand Hotel, the police investigations, as well as the fire training procedures that took place this Sunday, one might expect to is some sort of action taken to revamp the once commercial dwelling place as the historic likings has become a known essence of the city of Lake Wales.

A suggestion that may be placed into consideration is that the city, make a notice that it has the largest building in Polk County (besides the Bok Tower) and with that notion it should become an asset of sorts rather than just a sitting duck.

Under investigation, the city of Lake Wales is already seeing improvement with the restructuring of the area around the mall as well as fiscal impacts of residential areas that are under-development as it stands under current time. Major impact of sorts would bring the consideration of housing a major business office structure to accent the economic impacts taken by the city as of now.

The time has become of late considering the expectations and actual involvements that Lake Wales has taken when considering the history of this rural Polk County Municipality.

This city, Lake Wales has at one time made Polk County what it is when taking into consideration the economic developments and Land Usage impact that have been made by this city. Under funding considerations by local residents this city has placed an over-all improvement into how citrus is viewed and taken on by the business factions that make up the local, county, and state structures as they are viewed. And this is just the starters of the truth and what can be stated as an opinion.

This city needs to become more impacted by the considerations of fundings to bring forth a sound impact that the county offers as the actual authoritative administrator.

Being the crown ridge of a jewel is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly! This is the marking of what is to come as an action of improvement. Being the actual center of this fine state of Florida does not mean that matters should be taken lightly either. We must make sound impacts to the thought and suggestions that are considered of Lake Wales. Those suggestions should be considered and made into a concrete consideration by placing thought into making the hotel work for the city once again as it has before in the past.

As a city, an accent peace is always the highlight that tells people how a city is doing as far as the impacts of cost of living and the way people spend their leisure time when not at work. Giving meaning to the phrase of work hard, play hard!

We as the residents of this county need that sort of impact to even bring forth a consideration of the social impacts that this county has on the state as a competitive resolve rather than an actual impact that is seen due to residents. This sort of economic approach could solve numerous problems that this county is seeing due to the lack of availability to understanding social behaviors and the impacts thereof.

Are we still the small town simple minded citrus camps that made this county as it is now?

Actions are needed to bring out those expectations that are considered due to the level of mixed cultures that reside in this county as of now. There is a lack of thing to due as leisure is implemented into the situation. The economic considerations that make up this county have become stifling and brought this city (Lake Wales) as well as the county not only expecting over-hauling but rather a basic sound impact to bring forth other suggestions of improvements such as the Polk parkway that made a sound resolve to traffic in a distinct area in Polk county known for traffic as well as the merging of Hwy’s 98 and 17 in Bartow, being that they are major improvements to the actual social impact of this county.

Its time for Lake Wales to answer to the cries of sound improvements that can be made to show the people that there is hope for our small city as social impacts are considered.

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