Marijuana regulation and a nation wide prescription policy‏

Mr. Martinez:

In writing this letter I’d like to bring your attention to the statutes binding this state of Florida together in a lawful, moral and civil state that it is. Under current law(federal and state) marijuana is considered a schedule I drug with no approved medical usage. I’m trying to address the concern behind the scheduling and a provision as a medical use. In doing so, I’ve come across laws that state the usage of drugs that have a medical usage to being prescribed but none expressing a concern as to why marijuana is not expressed with-out the threat of criminal suspicions.

I have been brought to the personal attention of this specific statute of Florida titled: Crime (title XLVI), in which I was looking for a purpose of extending the law of Florida to suit the needs of those willing to accept the fact that there are certain medical conditions that might allow for the prescription and possession of an illegal substance named Marijuana. In the thoughtful consideration that I have placed myself in I knew that in order to allow this acceptance to take place I need to specify the laws that are allotted to this substance as well as the being prescribed as well. Tough I’m not a doctor; it helps to make sure that the laws concerning the prescription of drugs to be made notice for the insurance of public safety as well. As exclusive as the being prescribed marijuana is a concern of the openness of a doctor’s visit is also to be expressed in this letter as well.

Title XLIV shows concern in this matter as a direction: Title XLIV Civil Rights; chapter ‘765’ Health Care Advance Directives which state in the first article “(1) The Legislature finds that every competent adult has the fundamental right of self-determination regarding decisions pertaining to his or her own health, including the right to choose or refuse medical treatment. This right is subject to certain interests of society, such as the protection of human life and the preservation of ethical standards in the medical profession (765.102 Legislative findings and intent). Why is it so hard for those competent adults in Florida not allowed the same rights as those in states in which medical marijuana is legal addressed with the rights expressed under this title being that in which the civil rights of those that are residents of this state are allotted?

Is the well being of the people of this state when choice of medical practice is an issue not important? Chapter ‘893.04’ shows us the expression of the state when prescribing a medical drug giving room to the assumption that marijuana has the ability to being regulated in a medicinal practice; giving way to the exclusive prescribing of this drug as a medicinal influence rather than that of the state in which it is expressed as of now as a criminal one.

Other statutes that have influenced this letter: Title XLVI “Crime”, Chapters (893, 893.04, 893.01, 893.02); Title VI “Civil Practice and Procedure”, Chapters (81, 81.011 ,81.021 81.031); Title XLIV “Civil Rights” Chapter765; Title XXIX “Public Health


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