Affordable Energy tax‏

As the threat of our climate impacting a global change in the weather patterns currently recorded has lead legislators to consider the efforts of reducing and possibly stopping the usage of energy sources that give off harsh and harmful by-products such as the currently used fossil fuels in that of coal and petroleum. As efforts continue to bring forth the actuality that any change in the way that this nation provides the means to consume energy that it will affect the lives of that of a greater society than that concluded upon but on a spectrum of that that entails of our mere existence on this fragile planet of Earth. With the data taken from the research of what is know of weather patterns, noted distinctive responses have been accounted for when the variable of emissions is equated to consider any know affect by means of harm or uncommon changes considered of our climatic annual weather patterns presented as current evidence.

Energy consumption on an American standard has come to the point in time in which innovative responses have allowed the emergence of a more cleanly productive integration of how we as Americans live our lives day to day. The affects of how we consume energy can be felt in our housing costs on monthly and annual levels as well as our daily commutes to and fro as a socioeconomic consideration our a common American lifestyle.

Since the 2000 census, housing and transportation costs have risen faster than that of the weakest average annual America income. A statement that not only expresses the fact that some sort of intervention is needed, however, that in reasoning the fact that along with the current method our energy sources a change is needed to reduce the over-all stress of a quality of life is considered in the matter.

A known fact about the emissions that our carelessly used that harm tour environment is that researchers have noticed that from the continual harboring of this toxic and harmful substances weather pattern and the effects of annual weather patterns have been effected on noticeable levels in a way that a transition of more productive means is merely an understatement of what is considered about our environment. Increases in the greenhouse phase of precipitation patterns, extreme additions and differences in temperatures as seasonal patterns seem to become more volatile as the transition from winter to spring, summer to autumn becomes bundled up into either just very hot or that of being intensely cold.

As the threat of emissions takes hold of this nation, a Federal program that will reduce United States greenhouse gas emissions substantially enough between 2007 and 2050 to avert the catastrophic impacts of global climate change has been mentioned in that of the Warner-Lieberman Climate Act. As of now, any effort to reduce harmful emissions between 2012 and 2050 without destroying the U.S. economy should make amends with those in the legislative positions.

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