Is Boise State a BCS National Title contender?‏Is Boise State a BCS National Title contender?‏

This NCAA season has been a very active season for those programs that are contending to compete in the national title game in Arizona this January. Well mainly for those programs that are ranked in the top five amongst the BCS. Among those teams within the top five resides Boise State at number 4. A ranking in the BCS that undermines the deserved ranked position of the program as the NCAA season draws close to an end.

The Broncos started the season at number three, as the 2010 NCAA football season anticipated play with Boise coming off a strong win as Western Athletic Conference champs to match-up against the horned-frogs of TCU in the Fiesta Bowl from last season in which they were undefeated. A long awaited rematch against TCU who in the year prior had defeated the Broncos in the SAN DIEGO COUNTY CREDIT UNION POINSETTIA BOWL to end Boise’s perfect season.

As the Broncos anticipated play this season, no one expected the program to continue a three season winning streak in which understanding of why they are ranked in the top five has come due to their undefeated season. For the Broncos to be such a good program and only ranked at the number four position scheduling strength has become the key factor as to why the Broncos could not advance into a greater position such as the number two or even hold the top spot. Why when it seems that the top positions would have been deserving of a team due to the fact that for a while the top ranked teams were losing to opponents each weekend leaving the assumption that the remaining winning teams would move up taking the place of those that lost.

In fact for the Bronco’s this theory would come with negative side-effects in which the program actually lost votes that would either keep them in the same position or move them backward to make room for a team that presumed to be a better contender at a top ranked position. Boise State may be the only team ever to have suffered the most controversy as a contender against the BCS that any NCAA team has ever gone through trying to compete for the national title thus far. Every possible theory and statistical assumption has proved against the program to having a shot at glory in the race for the collegiate crown this season. One week the program is expected to elevate in the BCS then the team loses in the associated polls and vice versa, leaving them suspect to being the great program that they are as a winning program.

This is not the first time that the program has come to be affected by dilemma, since birth of the program back in 1938 Boise has always been the underdog who has overcome adversity directed towards them as a program. The ability to perform as a junior college program to later become continual junior college football champions and record holders, along with the conversion into division-I play in which upon entering the Broncos have far exceeded any and all expectations of conference performance as leaders, needless to say that the style and level of play that this program has come to have is that of a championship caliber team.

Boise deserves the right to play in the NCAA BCS national title game this season despite the conclusion of the polling assumptions. This is a program that has the poise and character to do so and deliver a competitive level of play that has not been witness in doing so. Just as the Auburn’s and the Oregon’s of now amongst the top ranked teams expected to have a chance at the title so should the “Big Blue” of Boise State. They are undefeated, they have beaten TCU during their current undefeated streak as well as Oregon, they may seemingly lack the current scheduling strength expected to proceed but can get votes needed to anticipate the announcement of a non-automatic BCS team to qualify as BCS national title contenders, are currently undefeated against a one loss team, and should be deserving to play in a bowl game that people want to see them compete in on a national level of play.

Boise State is and should be a strong contender to be expected to play in the national title game and the expression of such consideration should be expressed in that of the current polling assumptions in that of the BCS, Coaches Polls, AP Polls, fan assumptions, and so forth.

Who doesn’t want to see the most eclectic team in NCAA history play for the BCS national title?

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