Marijuana a popular drug of choice!‏

I’m writing to inform you of a state policy that is being considered to
amend any function that halts marijuana from being a legal substance.
Considering the fact that you oppose this substance as well as having
feelings that this substance is dangerous, being informed of any current
action that is considered of this controlled substance should be brought
to your attention.

As you know, there are numerous organizations that wish to remove the
substance marijuana from the controlled substance agenda due to the
current rise in marijuana involved arrests that this nation has witnessed
in the past year. At a rate of costing tax payers forty-two thousand
dollars annually to detain marijuana possessors, over eight-hundred
thousand americans were arrested last year alone. At a time in which our
economy is facing hard times this call of action seems to carry a rational
reasoning when the interest of the greater good is at hand.

To consider this as an economic situation, the governor of the state of
California has determined to induce a study against the substance known as
marijuana to bring forth a social and economic difference that this
substance impacts this society under. Let it be known that as of now the
state of california allows the substance marijuana to be possessed by
those with a prescription under certain conditions predetermined as being
legal. As this substance gains popularity, conditions are being considered
to allow this substance to being possessed and used in a recreational
substance as it has been considered a leisure drug prior to any current
suggestion that characterizes this illegal substance.

To consider the current action being purposed by the state of California
it should be known that any action taken is an attempt to better
understand why this substance is and has been this nations leading cash
crop rather legal or illegal. This is suggested due to the fact that over
time taxing this substance has been considered to legalize the substance
as marijuana has always been a popular drug of choice of the people of
this society of free-minded individuals. However, taxing this drug has
never been a determination of the relevancy of this substance rather the
fact that this drug can be controlled and given limitations under
predetermined situations.

As I submit this letter to you, I’m asking that you consider researching
this current action as reasoning is being brought to better understand
this illicit favored substance.


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