Tampa Bay Bucaneers face Cincy

The only thing that the Bucs and Bengals had in common heading into the Sunday match-up was the fact both team were looking forward to a win from prior losses. Both teams were delivered a loss the would affect the moral and energy of the players despite the youth of the current season. Cinncy with a last minute loss against the Browns was to bring forth a tough adjustment hosting Tampa a team that beat the Browns to go on to a 2 game win streak in which they later loss to the Steelers before an early season by.

Carson Palmer and company are on fire a an offensive package which proved early to the defense of the Bucs to be hard to handle as Terrell Owens received another hundred yard game with a TD reception. Even though Palmer and his receiving core has seemed to come into a rhythm it was not enough to dismay the Bucs defense preferably the defensive backs via Sabby Piscitelli how would step up and make big Bucs plays. Palmer threw 3 interceptions on the day with all 3 picks putting the Bucs in a scoring position. Only a small feat for the offense of the Bengals as the Bucs defense still had problems with as Cinncy ended the day with 358 total offensive yards.

It was to be through the legs of Cedric Benson that the Bengals would deliver that jabbing blow to the Bucs defense. Benson off of 23 attempts had 144 yards on the day against the Bucs. Coming alive from the loss from last week (having only 60 yards off of 15 carries against Cleveland) Benson provided to be that offensive option to allow time for the slicing pass plays of the Bengals offense. It was his ability to pick up short yardage and even big gains that gave the Bengals offense the edge over the Buccaneer defense through-out the entire game.

An objective that all NFL running-backs are expected to consider as a responsibility as a contracted player, something that was proving to be suspect amongst the Bucs running-backs. Despite a couple of big breaks in the game the Tampa rushing has been a dismal component of the overall offensive outlook.

Earnest Graham would prove that the running game in Tampa can still be a threat this season as he ran 65 yards from 3 carries with his longest run coming from an early third quarter drive.

The question still remains in that of why can’t Cadillac get things going this season?

While Williams is still struggling to find a niche, Josh Freeman is becoming more and more comfortable as a starter. He earned every last one of those 280 yards as he threw passes as if to say that he were a veteran coming to with a new playbook. He threw with precision, he threw with a great amount of accuracy, he threw short passes, he threw long passes, he threw incomplete passes, he threw. Freeman has come to a point in which he is comfortable with his targets and he will allow the route to completely develop. It was passes deep down field that kept the game against the Bengals honest and close. Such as a 37 yard pass to Mike Williams in the fourth quarter to show that the Bucs are able to keep the chains moving.

However, as the Bucs are still trying to develop that offensive one-two punch it was to be the consideration of memorable Bucs defense that made the up-set in Cinncy happen.

Next for Tampa is the Saints who will be coming in off a loss to the Arizona. New Orleans is also having trouble running the ball as of now in the season and will prove a considerable contender against Tampa as the defending superbowl champs and remembering a late December loss from the Bucs before entering into the NFC playoffs and later to win the superbowl last season.
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