Recessions cause more cases of homelessness

Recessions mean more homelessness. Increasing numbers of unemployed people are unable to afford rent, and charities and local governments are unable to keep up. Based on estimates of the depth likely to be reached by the current recession, 1.5 million additional Americans are likely to experience homelessness over the next two years, over and above the number who usually become homeless. However, the worst increases in homelessness can be prevented by providing emergency assistance to help stabilize or re-house people experiencing a housing crisis.

This is a statement that has been released via the national Alliance to End Homelessness as an effort to regain a political status as the transition of presidency is the current view point coming from Washington.

As a Florida resident I’m asking that the efforts that were considered by your staff as stood the 110 congressional sitting, the continuation of homelessness is still a rather important topic of discussion and consideration amongst other Floridians.

Honorable Martinez, I’m asking that due to the fact of a current recession I’m not expecting that the concerns of homelessness become the primary assumed function of your staff however that the threats and presumed considerations be taken more as positions in which we are willing to learn and understand from as we carry forth with the primary functions of an American lifestyle.

Thank You

Aaron Shaw

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