Tampa Bay Buccaneers to face the Saint Louis Rams

The tone for the up-coming match-up between the (3-2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the (3-3) Saint Louis Rams will be one of desperation for the Bucs who need construct a solid and consistent running game.

It’s almost mid-season and Cadillac Williams has yet to break 200 yrds rushing. HUH?

In fact, the only game that the Bucs rushed for more than 100 yrds was the game against the Bengals.

In preparation for the seventh game of the season for the Bucs, the need to get a running game going is not something that could be expected of any more. The Bucs will rush for 100 yrds or more this Sunday’s game against the Rams and collaborate a steady blend of efficient passing and rushing.

The Bucs have 2 losses on the season that were painful losses considering the fact that had the Bucs been able to effectively run the ball during these games the out-come would be in favor of Tampa.


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