The economic condition that Polk County faced in 2008

Before Representative Troutman left office this is a letter that i composed to present to his office in reference to the economic condition that Polk County was facing when the talks of bail-outs, high-unemployment rates and homelessness due to foreclosures where major issues.

When speaking of Homelessness, one may associate the affects to those persons that may come from a large or major city involved in what we know as a metropolitan division. Homelessness affects people in the areas of interest such a employment discrepancies, financial displacement, as well as the now becoming infamous ‘disaster criteria’ spawned from weather phenomenons. As expressed the affects of homelessness is becoming a current crisis in which rational reasoning is called to bring forth an understanding of this horrific topic.

As a state, Florida has the third largest homeless population in the nation which having made note of this fact wish to bring forth an awareness to the subject matter of homelessness. As the estimated 61,000 people categorized as being homeless in Florida are mentioned, I’d like to express an extra concern for those 850 people taken from a Polk County annual census into a more specific attentioning.

As growth is considered, remember that Polk County is a rural setting. A rural setting in which the land mass is used for the purpose of citrus harvesting, harvesting in which the jobs associated with are deemed seasonal. Seasonal employment that tends to leave workers out of work and with-out a steady income for certain periods of time, periods of time that suit the various harvesting conditions.

The state of Florida has an unemployment rate of 6.5 and Polk counties rate is 7.8

Being that Polk County is a rural setting when aligned with the subject of homelessness, this means that certain components are not considered to being implied as relevant or appropriate. Criteria which may be considered due to the lack of skilled jobs and a considerable approach towards a competitive cost of living consideration due to an overall attractiveness of the area. As aid is considered for areas of interest the main component that is considered is the fact of income categories, an assumption that due to the lack of competitive jobs in Polk County once again we will be over-looked. For example, the National Low-Income Housing Coalition released a Florida based 57,549 dollar annual income or Area Median Income (AMI) that notes this figure as being an affordable assumption when expressing an over-all housing rent/mortgage for the state as an universal cost of living standard. A figure that is a cumulative response to the rent/mortgage of various sizes of homes/apartment/condos/etc. costs taken from with-in the state.

A figure that may be stated as only made by a handful of hourly or salary employed persons in Polk County. A statement that is noted as being brought out due to the rural description associated with Polk County as employment classifications and income categories are considered.

Collecting information about the number, characteristics, and needs of homeless populations can be especially difficult for rural communities, as they have far fewer resources to commit to homelessness assistance and services. Rural communities in America are by no means alone in their struggle to plan, choose courses of action, and implement plans to end homelessness. But the needs of those they are helping, the community providers and systems they are working with, the obstacles they face, and the strategies they employ will often be quite different than in urban or suburban communities. This presents rural communities with valuable opportunities to explore the nature of the problem of homelessness as it is reflected in a rural environment, and then to educate the community at large – and potential funders – about the unique challenges they face in confronting the depth, dimensions, and nature of this problem.


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