Buccaneers to host SuperBowl champs New Orleans Saints

Coming back home after a two game road trip, the Bucs will face the New Orleans Saints this Sunday. This will be the first time that the Bucs faced the Saints since last seasons 20-17 overtime up-set a game before the start of the NFC Play-offs. Last season both games that the Bucs played against the Saints were close games. Will this be a factor this season as the Bucs have come out a better team from last season.

Since last season the Bucs have added the addition of some skilled players in important positions which could affect the games momentum this season. There is the addition of Gerald McCoy ( with 5 tackles on the season) on the defensive line, Cody Grimm (with 15 tackles and 1 INT for a TD on the season) at safety, Mike Williams (with 19 Rec for 238 yards and 3 TDS on the season) at Receiver, along with Arrelious Benn (with 5 Rec for 58 yards on the season). All strategically placed into the Tampa roster to fill positions that were viewed as troubled position in the past. Although this season it seem that the Bucs have attained the special form of chemistry that is need for teams developing and on path towards a successful future there are still some positions that are in need of positive reassurance and influence.

Mainly the Linebacker position.

It seems that the youth of the Bucs has kept them from obtaining that once prolific defensive unit that had teams studying film to figure play packages that would divert attention from key offensive players. this is something that the Bucs have had to deal with for some time now and the problem needs to be addressed.

As the defense seems to not has not been influenced with talent by the addition of players in the off-season the Linebacker position of the Bucs needs some special attention if the problem were to be addressed any time soon.

Ever since the win in Carolina the Linebacker position of the Bucs has not been recorded in any major accomplishments despite only 1 loss on the season. Unusual, even for a team that has so much youth surrounding it. As noted the Bucs currently hold the 30th over-all rushing defense facing the Saints who have just seemed to answer their problem at the running back position with the addition of Julius Jones.

Hopefully a chance to give the linebacker spot of the Bucs a slight over-hauling.


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