Economic Appeal of this Nation

As it now stands the American dollar is rapidly losing value across the world due to the impact of crude oil consumption as well as the potentials of other threats that has now made this nation as close to a third world appeal as that of Japan and China as efforts are being made to improve the over-all appeal of the American dollar as possible.

As viewed and witnessed, what can we do to improve this threat of sorts as it seems that nothing can and will be done to make this a national efforts of costs and concern? For some time now there has never been a threat against the value of the American dollar up until now that energy concerns have left the table as a mere concern but has other countries now becoming aware of the threat of global assumptions. As Iran seeks the potentials of nuclear energy due to the research taken and the consideration of that that we as a nation have placed as nuclear energy seems to be the most appealing and non threatening consumption of energy that is available we now have to leave behind the theory that a considerable income will result from the conversion of fossil fuel to impact energy to one of a more tragic approach of energy consumption.

I think that it is now that as a world order that we become aware of the impact that we have had on other countries that have looked up to us as a bigger brother of sorts as now efforts are being made to make the American currency a non-threatening proportion of consideration.

How will this affect this nation as we once knew as being a power-house, one that even with a debt in the trillions has managed to impact the economic tendencies of other nations to advancing to the appeal of what seems to becoming a global average?

Everyone seems to want that million dollar income and be in the position of not having to worry about how money will be coming into their hands as working is no-longer an appealing assumption of the American dream due to lottery and instant advancements from gambling and the low-life tendencies that the average American now is attracted to.

How will we as a nation maintain a structure of sorts that states that we are the same power-house nation that has and will continue to improve in the theories of economic assumptions to keep the threat of debt from reaching the public as the increased assumption of another depression is nearing us as a reality?


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