Nick Saban meet Steve Spurrier

What the Alabama Crimson Tide can expect against the South Carolina Razorbacks is a strong defensive standing. Carolina is a team that when pushed into a losing situation the defense usually stands strong and delivers.

This is a defense that keeps the opposing offense tired and disoriented searching for depth with-in the play-calling scheming.

The Carolina defensive unit is strong and can endure against a high-powered offense.

What Bama can do to stall the Carolina defense is keep Ingram a factor in the offense. Allow him to run the ball and keep the offense in short yardage situations.

Alabama does good in short yardage situation.

This is an offense that has no problem moving the chains when the run pass ratio is reflecting a productive comparison. The Tide have a very efficient offense which in short yardage situations produce big yards. They make defenses struggle to obtain a rhythm and stay consistent with their offensive play scheming.

This will be a good game to watch as Bama faces another hungry SEC contender.

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