“The Great Depression”‏

I’m writing this letter to show concerns in the matter of this nations economic situation in which it has been stated that these are the worst times that have been recorded since the Great Depression.

For life in Florida things could not be any worse. I’ve recently lost my job due to miscommunication on the work place. I’m not sure if my supervisor knows that work is a primary function of mine in this time of economic struggle. However, beside my self we are in the times in which the quality of education as well as the current living conditions here in Florida are being tested and called for cut backs, this worries me.

If this nation is now trying to compete in a global market than these are two subjects in which security is to be impacted the most. We are failing to notice these actions before they are taken into any form of budget consideration.

Through the workings of the coalition I intend to bring forth the consideration that these might not be the best decisions due to the fact that this American economy is already failing and needs to resolve matters in a more responsible manner than taking away from what little we have left.

As an American citizen, it seems that the quality of life has diminished and we are now at risk of becoming what we know as “Second” and “Third world” status. For those that will see immediate responses this will cause total chaos and conflict.

It seems that the only way to have some sort of voice in this matter is to take the interest of a group powered to deal with these certain conditions such as the National Coalition for the Homeless. If I were to continue my membership this would be a concern that needs to be polished and presented as a reasonable presentation to ask why are we continuing to take away from what is working for us as a society.

As a nation, we are in the mist of historic happenings that will only make this nation seem as the economic power-house as we were viewed as in the past and respected as that. At the rate that we are going, it will only bring this nation to becoming more of a burden than of a free society in which we have been viewed for much time.

I appreciate the efforts that you have taken with the minds of myself and the others that have resorted to the attention and guidance of the coalition for.

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