What is homelesness?

As this week begins and I only have one day to work I’d like to reflect on the issue that has become to being known as homelessness.

What is homelessness actually?

Is It a condition that one just so happens to have a case of? Is it the situation that brings a person to stating that they have no home at all? What ever it is it seems to bring the people of this nation to unmeasurable extremes, unsound causes, as well as putting a considerable amount of wear and tear on one body. Me, not having any time available to work at my current employment has helped me to bring this concern forth to your attention.

Does not having the potential to work and earn money make people homeless? Cause as I’ve been working at this current job (a temp position) that is a very large concern among the fellow workers that I come into contact with. Hours of work time is a very large concern that people that I have come into contact with express as a very large concern as the option of work and the given possibilities of work are expressed by employers and taken in by the employees. But, does this mean that they are on the verge of being homeless as we continue to come together as a team to take on the tasks related to work when we are called to work? To be honest I thought that days off were praised and seen as being almost heaven like when brought to the attention of those working.

Is homelessness a disease that one comes down with when their luck has run out? Is it really a situation that one faces when all else fails and the determination of survival is set into place? Is it really as bad as it seems to be where it seems that the situation known as homelessness is expressed by those in this position are viewed as being? Is it really a person with nothing else but the streets and the atmosphere that is given thereof?

How has this nation of America and the society that makes up this nation come to terms with this incident that has been named Homelessness and the actual living concerns thereof?

I guess the real question is this: how important is work to a person that may come to considering this potential of threats, cause I thought homelessness is the condition of not having a proper shelter to dwell in; however, it seems that due to certain situations this issue has also brought the concern of work to the table as well?

As broad as the spectrum is this is expressed as homelessness considerations are placed with a large amount of potential as to the actual reasoning as to the why’s and how’s of this very important issue as it is seen and viewed being homelessness.


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