Educating Florida

As related to an expression that National Education Secretary mentioned in a recent press release Florida will be keep in mind at this time. A time in which education in this state seems to be at its worse, a worse state even since the introduction of segregation and the laws accustomed to promoting fair and equal education as deemed a right of all citizens of this nation.

As witnessed Monday May 1, 2008 Margaret Spelling was a guess speaker on the Washington Journal television program in which all the acclaims were geared towards the promotion towards the “ No Child Left Behind” incentive as a guideline for educational standards. As expressed, the intentions of this system are to aid the progressions of classroom accomplishments as well as teachers relations straight down to a retro-specting of curriculum’s as presented to the state education boards approval as educational innovations are now becoming noticed practices of the progressive needs of learning as well as adapting taken on rather students or administration faculty.

As a state we are witnessing the progressions of negating educational programs such as “Schools to prison” networking as well as individual attempts to modify the educational standards rather teaching administration or those seeking to be taught, (issues ranging from gang and drug activity in Florida schools down to the current issues of teachers seemingly thinking that its right to have sex with students), are very delicate educational system is being ripped and torn in a way that makes it hard to generate a positive response as national standards of education are now being addressed and identified to generate a compassionate approach geared towards education.

For some time now it seems that as a state, we when it comes to a national standards are seemingly failing and no aid may be administered equipped to generate the sought after competitive educational system as expressed by other states in this nation.

A competitive spirit that as mentioned and expressed we as a state have a hard time gearing up for through-out the state as an expression of progression for the purpose of identifying progression as a consensus of sorts.

As expressed it seems that we are not worthy of advancements in our lacking educational system as a state, an educational system that is mentioned to promote jobs as well as setting other expressions of a state that is living and living well as fundamental programs such as job market and educational accomplishments are addressed on a national level. No wonder Florida seems hungry all the time, it’s because “we are”! As reflected on a national level of progression we are amongst the worse of the failing with no help in sight what so ever, even as progression seems to be a very reasonable approach to aiding those states with addressable problems, even Alaska has a chance at proper educational considerations as remote as they are compared to the progressions of quality education when mentioning Florida as a competitive program based with standards.


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