Emissions and Big Business

On the sixth day of November this state of Florida took action to respond to a very global topic being that in the regards of carbon car emissions and the threat of global greenhouse gases as corporate and business tactics were implemented as the reasoning of this discussion.

Emphases were placed in the direction of Cap and trade programs to regulate the emissions of carbon and the technology to improve those emissions, as well as; a newly regarded carbon tax to place the effects of what is happening towards the direction of the future of this world.

An adoption of a “carbon tax” to force an impactful resolution to carbon emissions and greenhouse gases would allow production and research in the regards to avoiding the problem of efficient reductions as well as the understanding of these thus said gases and the emissions of carbon from transportation used through-out the world.

As addressed in several meetings and discussions in the concerns of this very impactful topic a concern towards a national policy to taking effect was mentioned with the question: “Can Florida impose a national policy to the influencing a global concern regarding carbon emissions and greenhouse gases?”

Several top names were in the presence of these discussions as mentioned Faye Culp, David Montgomery, Paige Kreegel, Don Brown, John Reilly, Gilbert Metcalf, Rick Kriseman, Scott Randolph, Mindy Lubber, Alex Sink as well as others not mentioned in correspondence to the state website regarding climate change with the address http://www.Floridaclimatechange.com.

Why is it a concern of big business?

As spoke about in the Floridas’ House Symposium on the science and economics of climate change a target of impacting other states and countries is and will be the main emphasis of this state of Florida as an approach towards understanding and developing tools to fighting this problem of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. To start the discussion was placed as an emissions concept of our state (being that of Florida) versus Californias’ (as viewed by this nation) as the emissions laws and regulation devises were addressed in response to Governor Charlie Christs’ Executive order concerning an over-all reduction through-out this fine state of Florida as a projection to be used by other states and nations.

Wouldn’t a “Carbon Tax” raise the over-all price of power bills that families would see in the regards to cleaner air and a lower threat of greenhouse concerns? As addressed by Mr. Kreegel some of the implications would result in taking money out of peoples pockets with no decrease in greenhouse gases or carbon emissions, so why the effort?

Gilbert Metcalf having a Ph.D in Economics @ Tuft University that spoke stated that this will become a very impactful resolution for this state to address as the concerns of climate change and a direct approach towards carbon taxing and cleaner air would result in high benefits for this fie state of Florida as a over-all assumption of results; as David Montgomery of the Charles River Associates International, Inc addressed that to help fund this program of conclusions that a federal policy of clean energy intervention by the state of Florida would be the best way to aid in research funding as well as addressing attention towards a national policy.

Why Now?

There as been numerous efforts to place an impact towards the up coming events of climate concerns that due to numbers and projections placed most of Florida underwater and seeking land away from this very peaceful peninsula. Does the impact of big business really make way towards the concerns of the public as threat are becoming closer to home than before? Are climate changes really a threat for this state of Florida?


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