Florida’s Energy Policy

These are exciting times for Florida’s future in the Alternative Energy field.

Both the Governor and the Legislature are taking strides to implement policies that make Florida’s Energy Policy an example to the rest of the country. As a member of the Energy Committee in the House of Representatives I would like to share with you where I think we should be headed with regards to Alternative Energy and Fuel. Currently, more than half of our State’s Energy needs are met through Natural Gas. While this is a clean energy source, it is also creates a volatile market and an inefficient use of Natural Gas. I feel that one of the best ways to meet emission reduction standards while stabilizing our energy market is to make Nuclear power a key component in our State’s energy portfolio. Currently, Progress Energy and other Florida utilities are developing plans for Nuclear reactors in our state. However, due to a long permitting process, these facilities will not be operational for at least another decade.

There needs to be a stop-gap to fill our State’s energy needs as we progress

to towards these long term solutions. When used in conjunction with

agricultural based fuels, energy efficiency measures can help us meet our energy needs by reducing waste. Polk County has led the way in both areas and continues to do so. In the section marked “Did you know…”, you can see several examples of this leadership. While all of these resources are proving more viable everyday, I believe our state should have an open conversation about the costs related to meeting our energy needs. I will continue to promote that conversation while serving on the House Energy Committee and welcome your input and comments on this critical issue for Florida.


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