morphine fails as drug for pain reduction

A headline from the New York Times (dated for Monday September 10) published an article that mentioned the attention to the suffering due to the lack of pain medication. As prescription drug costs have been affected on an international level of concern the certainty of being applicable as relief has lowered leaving many left to withstand constant pain. However, in the article it is mentioned as a comparative example that the cost allotted to make morphine is not at all high bringing mention to an Ugandan hospice Care center that makes it own three week supply of liquid morphine at a cost that is less than a loaf of bread.

As expressed in the article, morphine is the leading prescribed pain drug and has brought forth attention to itself not for the medical qualities that are expressed but for the addictive qualities that have come to be known about the abusive drug. The addictive nature that morphine carries has been mentioned in relation to abuse scandals that have made the politics of the nation to become corrupt, in which has happened to many third world countries that are in need of medical supplies to fill the nations’ need of treatment. The drug of choice has also been mentioned to have tie with the nations’ terrorist threats and makes for the uncertainty of allowing the drug to being prescribed by the doctors and physicians in the country out of fear. Pain relief has not been given the same attention as have the war on drugs; a statement made by David E Joranson (A Director of the Pain Policy Study Group at the University of Wisconsins’ medical School) who also stated “It’s the intense fear of addiction which is often misunderstood.”

Also stated in the article is the affirmative attention taken by other doctors that just simply won’t administer the drug due to the terrorist approach due to the demand of this highly addictive drug as a street level is expressed even though this is a highly prescribed drug for pain reduction.

All strong pain killers called narcotics are derived from the opium poppy. Opiates include heroin, morphine, oxycodone, methadone, codeine, fentanyl, buprenorphine, tramadol, cocaine and other prescribed drugs sold under different names. Over time with continual usage, opiates create dependency and if abruptly stopped or withdrawn can bring forth constant nausea, diarrhea, and death. Knowing this information the efforts are still implicated as being expressed as most patients truly in pain can be weaned off opiates once cured of their current ailment.


Marijuana in relation to this subject matter has been examined as being a “mild” pain reliever in which is not under the same response as morphine or any other opiate, simply because it is not addictive. There is no major terroristic plot to over rub the country with marijuana to support a personal economic strategy nor are there any allegations in regards to abuse towards marijuana in a political tense of the expression.

So why is it so hard to understand a potentially promising medical function for marijuana?

Morphine has been stated to have side effects that cause hallucinations, loss of appetite, and constipation causing patients even in Japan (expressed in a similar article in the same response towards morphine, same date and news paper) expressed a similar concern towards morphine as a prescribed drug for pain relief. Drug enforcement agencies are struggling to adjust to the new reality, that, marijuana may not be as bad as expressed after all. Most assumptions made about marijuana come from police records that express criminal tendencies and marijuana possession as a common factor to one being arrested.

Hopefully, now this may be warranted as being an agent to undermined the true potentials of marijuana as a medical expression.


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