The conception of Marijuana

As it is seen in the eye of the average citizen, this nation has a major problem in the threat of drugs and the outcomes that drugs bring, being the threat of terrorism, and what is seen by the MPP as multiple accounts of diseases rather due to the influence of a lifestyle or the out-come of what many communities see as the war on drugs.

Knowing this, how can this organization possibly bring forth the assumption that a natural drug such as marijuana will help in the threat of disease prevention, pain reduction, and possible draw some attention to the threat of a resolvable economic assumption that drug scandalizing brings?

We can see that due to the actions of those that are seeking pleasure in the promotion of drugs that as a economic impact communities are being deprived and lives are being taken at an alarming rate. How? Why?

Even if the an illicit drug such as marijuana can be determined to help in the threat of pain, due to the having a chronic disease such as Aids, then what can be said about the over-all assumption of this illicit drug that has this nation researching the potentials of manipulating the actual euphoric privileges of marijuana.
It can be said that if marijuana can be made into a legal substance of sorts then as the gateway drug that it is other assumptions can be made and researched as well.

As a potential there has been accounts where statistics have brought the assumption placed against marijuana that makes it an almost of possibilities of legalization. There is no sort of criminal activity that can be placed against marijuana as is the other drugs that have been scheduled for research in this nation. So why so much heart ache and misunderstanding against marijuana?
As it stands this nation is fighting to bring and individual assumption to the theory of the actual signing and usage of the constitution in the freedoms of expression, choice, voicing opinions,as well as being pleasured if i might say in a rather personal view of what is at hand.
Why is it so hard for marijuana to being understood by this nation as the potentials are now being viewed in more critical ways that what have been in the past?

When they have their doctors’ approval, patients should be able to use medical marijuana without fear of arrest and imprisonment. They should also be able to rely on a safe supply of marijuana, without having to resort to the dangerous criminal market.
To bring forth a possible discussion point: Marijuana has not and never will bring dangerous level of threat to a community nor the nation.

Ultimately, the decision of what medicine is best for an illness should be left up to the patient and the doctor, not to the government. Doctors make much better treatment decisions than prosecutors.


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