This nations marijuana policy‏

For what has been Two-hundred plus years, this nation has sustained a very reliable system of checks and balances that from time to time has been subjected to regulation, reform, as well as policy chance as far as regulations are concerned. All which allow this nation to address the attentions of one of the largest social groups that will ever be sustained in one place.

As we have entered into a new age of time and management as a society ideas are often taken into more of an appealing role than before as the capabilities of an individual are not so limited as technology as some what exceeded the limitations of control. Technological advances that allow people the option to becoming more adaptive to certain situations that might not be expected of them under considerations of survival, work, and leisure.

As far as the current system of checks and balances the same rules have applied since the initial spawning of the idea of bringing forth a federal system of government that takes on the role of a paternal instinct of protection of the smaller cities, regulation of income, as well as the simple introduction of new ideas that may become a justifiable law to being issued into the current theory of ethical capabilities and actions of the people of this nation.

With this has come the change of numerous laws and policies that have brought this nation to the stead fasting conglomerate known as of now. So no longer are women not allowed to the attentioning and addressing of matters that men were only allowed such as voting and holding major roles in a political society as held primarily by men, no longer is it illegal to smoke in public in small town Yorkshire Mass., no longer are we subjected to outstanding import taxes on the finer leisure items of the past such as tobacco, tea, and coffee. We have adapted to the change that has come with the introduction of social groups and ethnic backgrounds that a free nation would and could offer.

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