Senator Bill Nelsons’ response towards Continuing Budget Resolution for Fiscal Year 2011

Dear Mr. Shaw:

Thank you for sharing your concerns about the spending plan set forth by the House of Representatives in H.R. 1, the Continuing Budget Resolution for Fiscal Year 2011. The Senate declined to take up this measure, and a Senate version of a continuing resolution also failed to gain enough votes to proceed to debate.

H.R. 1 blindly slashed programs without taking the time to examine the consequences. What we need instead are responsible solutions that can reduce the deficit and, at the same time, ensure economic opportunity for the middle class.

I have long been committed to getting Federal spending under control, going back to my support for a balanced budget in the 1980s. Last year I voted for an across-the-board cap on discretionary spending through 2014, and recently voted to ban earmarks for three years. Furthermore, I am a cosponsor to the Reduce Unnecessary Spending Act (S.102), which would establish a streamlined procedure for Congress to vote on discretionary spending cuts proposed by the President, much like a line-item veto.

Now Congress must work together on a new plan to keep the government funded past March 18. I assure you that I will look for common ground across the political divide, and admonish efforts to derail good-faith negotiations. I am committed to finding real solutions to our fiscal situation, and will work to ensure that appropriations bills and measures to reduce the deficit reflect the values and priorities of Floridians.

I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future

Senator Bill Nelson


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