Educational Funding cuts in Central Florida’s schools 2009

Dear Mr. Shaw:

Thank you for sharing your concerns about education funding cuts in Central Florida’s schools. Hearing from you helps me better represent Florida’s Eighth District.

As the father of five, I will be the first to tell you that nothing is more important than a child’s education. I share your frustrations regarding education funding cuts in the state of Florida. These cuts impact everything from the jobs of quality teachers and administrators, to after school activities and athletic programs. That is why I voted for H.R. 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which included an important provision that would increase education funding nationwide, by approximately $47 billion. Initially, Florida was not eligible for Recovery education funding because the state legislature was not meeting funding obligations. However, myself and other members of the Florida Congressional delegation personally asked the U.S. Secretary of Education to grant Florida an emergency waiver, making our state eligible for increased education funds.

On May 12, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced that Recovery funding of up to $1.8 billion was available to the state of Florida, with the opportunity to apply for another $891 million this fall. This money will benefit the children of Florida because it will help save the hundreds of thousands of teaching jobs that were at the risk of state and local budget cuts. Although this is just a first step, please know that as the 111th Congress debates issues related to education and federal funding, I will have the best interests of my constituents, like you, in mind.


One Comment to “Educational Funding cuts in Central Florida’s schools 2009”

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