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June 8, 2009

Understanding the living wage!

As of July 24 2009 the federal minimum wage will change to $7.25 per hour. As a nation that is in turmoil when it comes to understanding the balance between credit and cash assurance, the cost of living that people are falling under is focused.

We do not make enough to maintain bills, food, transportation, etc.

As a response to this consideration of not being able to afford the basics in life, I’ve brought forth an action to the legislators of this nation to enforce that this topic be noticed and handled in the manner of increasing the minimum wage across america.

I’m hoping that this action we bring forth the understanding that as the nation struggles financially so does the people. As the cost of living raises in each state so should the minimum wage.

Urge your Senator or House member to support this action.
Use this link: ( ) to send your Senator/House Member a letter of action.

Thank You!