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October 16, 2009

Our money still at risk

On Thursday, the Financial Services Committee held a special session in which the direction of the current regulators were discussed and brought to a current time consideration. This nations economic status seems to be at a stand still until legislators can produce a unified bill that considers the rights of all consumers under an assumption take towards the average working class american.

Seems that the effects of the closing of this nations largest financial lenders has still left the budgeting projections and funding considerations approached by legislators left in the air. Seems like regulator responsibilities are still in need of specified direction as lending groups such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still being brought the attention of financial committees through-out the nation.

As brought forth by California Rep. Ed Royce it is the lack of demand to strengthen and intensify this practice that seems to have this nations economic condition in under so much scrutiny. What direction will the response come from though?

Seems that the prior Republican approach was to strong and the current is to relaxed under the Democratic approach. So why not reform a bipartisan unilateral bill that keeps in mind the actual working class american as we try to steer regulated consumer responses to a balanced assumption to open other marketable opportunities to strengthen consumer responses as a marketable theory.

Between the current condition that credit card industry as well as the mortgage industry are in this approach would bring forth that sort of response to allow more spending and less stress as the dollar continues to lose value in a global market.

How much longer will we as a nation stand to lose out on financial opportunities due to debt?

July 9, 2009

Section 8 vouchers to be increased, or not.

Currently there is legislation that is being sought to consider allowing 200,000 section 8 voucher to being place into circulation over the next ten years. This will happen only if the financial services committee approves.

Current consideratios of section 8 housing voucher voting.
The vote on the Shelly Moore Capito amendment to only authorize new 20,000 vouchers is rescheduled to tomorrow, Thursday, July 9 at 9:30 AM (edt).

Oppose the Capito amendment.
Support 200,000 new vouchers each year for 10 years.
this consideration carries the same implementations that the National Housing Trust Fund stand for currently.

National Low-income Hosuing Coalition