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March 9, 2011

Florida first in homeless attacks!‏

I’ve been looking at the news here at a hotel due to the fact that my aunts house burnt down and what is the main head line that makes the news on the bright house channel 13 correspondence? The fact that the state of Florida is number one in attacks on the homeless with 30 attacks last year and three of those being fatal attacks. All over my Facebook page I’ve been keeping up with events that have to do with the homeless as to keep any room for potential open as an effort of progress is meant to be made as the economic struggles of this nation continue to make it harder and harder for those that are homeless to have the ability to get of the streets and stay off the streets.

I thank you for taking notice of the fact that I had called, wondering what is going on with the rural aspect of homelessness as the county of Polk here in Florida is becoming a newly infested breeding ground for the low-incomed and I feel that if some thing is not done to bring for that an awareness of the fact that this particular area of Florida needs to be brought up to par with the changes in standards of living assumptions and considerations of different aspects of assistance to keep this from becoming a targeted area such as Miami/Dade.

July 9, 2009

Unemployed and facing homelessness?

For some time now I’ve received comments on my sites concerning unemployment and homelessness. I’m still in the research stage myself, however there is a direct direction that I wish to move towards.

Unemployed and want to blog about it in an unemployment forum goto There are tons of people here searching for answers.

Unemployed and want to blog in an unemployment blogging forum, goto Theres tons of bloggers here search for shelters and a way to defeat homelessness.

June 9, 2009

Hate Crimes Against Homeless. Florida Response.

A call to action to defend the likes of homeless persons just as if they were a normal average working citizen.

You can Help. Go To the Link Below.