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March 7, 2011

Drug Testing Does not Work!

Drug testing of any kind, including for cause or suspicion, is not a significant predictor of marijuana use or any other harmful drug usage detection known.

Companies which use Factor 1000, an impairment testing system, find that drug and alcohol use are not the most common reasons for accidents; rather, severe fatigue and illness are more common.

One reason drug testing is not used by some employers is the cost. One electronics manufacturer estimated that the cost of finding each positive result was $20,000. After testing 10,000 employees he only found 49 positive results. A congressional committee estimated that the cost of each positive in government testing was $77,000 because the positive rate was only 0.5%.

An Oklahoma study found that a questionnaire was able to accurately detect 94 out of 100 drug abusers. The questionnaire was also useful in detecting alcohol abusers, something drug tests fail to accomplish.

Most types of drug tests fail to detect alcohol abuse – the most commonly abused substance among Americans – and are most likely to detect marijuana use since the active ingredient in marijuana stays in the body’s system longer than any other illicit substance. Therefore, drug tests often fail to identify people who are using more powerful, more addictive and more dangerous drugs like methamphetamine or cocaine, which exit the body’s system in a matter of hours or days.

October 21, 2009

Now, to change the drug screening policy Mr. President

Recently, The president made it a federal policy to not arrest those that are in state compliance with state policies in which detail marijuana as being legal for those that have been prescribed by a licensed physican. Wow. Since the 1930’s a move as such has been lobbied upon by tose of interest in Washington.

Currently there are 13 states that allow marijuana to be prescribed and used by those that have doctors permission to aid in the effects taken on by ailments such as cancer or diabetes. Now those people may smoke thier pot in peace with-out the fear of being arrested for possession as Mr. Obama ordered that these people are in compliance with state laws and are not the drug war risks that have plauged this nation for some time now.

Since marijuana is now semi decriminalized, shouldn’t we now make the move to allow marijuana to be a part of the drug screening process for these people as an attempt of employment may now be considered for those that are medical marijuana patients? It is almost a legally prescribed substance that if a patient were screened while on marijuana it should pass as that of a medicinal function rather than to be viewed as the harmful substance of the past. This effort to change the drug screening policy might be the most effective in the push to bringing this substance to becoming a legal medicinal substance.

July 6, 2009

Christmas in July

In light of the current legislative actions that have been considered in part towards the understanding of marijuana, nothing seems more improtant than the task of personally presenting your concerns yourself. Contact your Reps. and inquire about current legislative assumptions that the state of Florida has towards marijuana and the personal usage thereof.

Marijuana policy reform not on the 2009 legislative agenda

Although President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have both stated that the federal government will no longer expend resources interfering with state medical marijuana laws, Florida legislators have yet to catch on to what modern scientific research, the public, and at least 13 other states already know — sick and dying patients do not belong behind bars for using medicine that has been recommended by a doctor. Please contact your legislators today and ask them to introduce medical marijuana legislation next session. (MPP posting, July 1, 2009, {Another legislative session ends without a medical marijuana bill being introduced; local group decides to put the issue to voters})

People United for Medical Marijuana

Personal Use of Marijuana By Responsible Adults Act of 2009
(H.R. 2943)