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March 7, 2011

Changing the Definition of Homelessness!

A proposal begin before the end of the last congressional session to predetermine what is considered as being defined homeless. Although the consideration has not been settled as the economic state in which this nation is in it would be a wise suggestion to allow determination in the regards of budgeting and spending purposes to define exactly what homeless is.

There are many states of homelessness as there are levels of homelessness in which this nation has considered a predetermined amount of money to be used in the consideration of each state and level that is witnessed through-out each city and state that wishes to receive government assistance in this matter. The current conditions of homelessness that are up for consideration are that of families that are residing in motel rooms on a weekly basis and the conditions in which a person is couch surfing in which multiple families are residing in a single family dwelling. Also under current consideration is the fact that re-entry of prisoners is being questioned as a purposed amendment to determine applicable situations.

The state that this nation is in as an economic determination is the reasoning behind making more specific determinations of what homelessness is amongst this society. There are to many single mothers and families that are in one of the purpose conditions of homelessness that are not being allowed the proper services that are designed to aid those in a homeless condition. This alone bring forth the consideration of allowing homelessness to being defined in detail rather in a rural setting or an urban area to receiving the proper assistance that is needed to better equip them into maintaining permanent affordable housing.

February 15, 2011

Budgeting Cuts to affect Homeless Programs

Amidst the current considerations to save money and cut a slice out of the national deficit the President is proposing a five year plan to make drastic cuts towards programs in an effort to save money. Any and all federal programs are at risk of drastic cuts being made that will spark not only critical changes to how programs are treated but also the way that these programs are to further offer assistance.

For example, funding for the Homeless has issued a letter of concern as the consideration also targets what type of services are to be offered as of now.

What is currently at risk is # $2.2 billion for HUD’s McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants programs, 10,000 new HUD – Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) vouchers and 10,000 vouchers through the Housing and Services for Homeless Persons Demonstration.

As of now we must take the initiative to bring an awareness to the current budgeting dilemma and ask that no changes are made to how we handle the problems associated with tending to the Homeless.
This has become a major issue as more and morea families across the nation are witnessing hard times and the lack or enough income to maintain and stay afloat.

Something has to be done and what can be done is not to take away from programs that assist those in need.