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March 9, 2011

What’s expected out of the Bucs backfield.

At a time when restructuring is anticipated of a team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should consider the history involved with the running-back position as projections of playing, injury expectations and overall player performance is considered out of those actively on the Tampa roster.

When you have players such as Carnell Williams and Earnest Graham that have been injured for the duration of their contracts this consideration is more than that of a suggestion it could define the production of the Tampa offense under the judgement of a new head coach.

Last season, the Tampa offense only produced 1,837 rushing yards to bring them the NFL’s fifteenth position as a rushing offense. On the road to reach two-thousand rushing yards, the Bucs have failed season after season to become one of the NFL’s elite rushing offenses. A bothersome fact that needs to be addressed if the Bucs ever want to achieve NFL greatness again in that of a super bowl title.

It seems to collaborate on this matter the Bucs have sought out the backfield talents of Derrick Ward to consider as a offensive threat. Ward coming from a trade with the New York Giants is considered one of the NFL’s most potent rushers averaging 5.6 yards per carry and had a total of 1,025 rushing yards that made the giants a serious ground threat last season. As a team, the Bucs were only noted for having 4.1 yards per carry as an average for the entire 2008 season.

What does this say about the Tampa offense?

Hopefully that as a team the Bucs have identified that injuries need to be compensated for talent when considering this skilled position in the fact that since the Pittman era a noticeable trend of backfield injuries have plagued the Tampa offense in critical games in which a couple yards could have changed the outcome of the game. This has been a factor for game situations against Tampa as the defense has allowed 4.3 yards per carry a game and a total of 1,901 yards for the entire season. The NFL’s 19th ranked defense in the rushing position.

March 9, 2011

Buccaneers to host SuperBowl champs New Orleans Saints

Coming back home after a two game road trip, the Bucs will face the New Orleans Saints this Sunday. This will be the first time that the Bucs faced the Saints since last seasons 20-17 overtime up-set a game before the start of the NFC Play-offs. Last season both games that the Bucs played against the Saints were close games. Will this be a factor this season as the Bucs have come out a better team from last season.

Since last season the Bucs have added the addition of some skilled players in important positions which could affect the games momentum this season. There is the addition of Gerald McCoy ( with 5 tackles on the season) on the defensive line, Cody Grimm (with 15 tackles and 1 INT for a TD on the season) at safety, Mike Williams (with 19 Rec for 238 yards and 3 TDS on the season) at Receiver, along with Arrelious Benn (with 5 Rec for 58 yards on the season). All strategically placed into the Tampa roster to fill positions that were viewed as troubled position in the past. Although this season it seem that the Bucs have attained the special form of chemistry that is need for teams developing and on path towards a successful future there are still some positions that are in need of positive reassurance and influence.

Mainly the Linebacker position.

It seems that the youth of the Bucs has kept them from obtaining that once prolific defensive unit that had teams studying film to figure play packages that would divert attention from key offensive players. this is something that the Bucs have had to deal with for some time now and the problem needs to be addressed.

As the defense seems to not has not been influenced with talent by the addition of players in the off-season the Linebacker position of the Bucs needs some special attention if the problem were to be addressed any time soon.

Ever since the win in Carolina the Linebacker position of the Bucs has not been recorded in any major accomplishments despite only 1 loss on the season. Unusual, even for a team that has so much youth surrounding it. As noted the Bucs currently hold the 30th over-all rushing defense facing the Saints who have just seemed to answer their problem at the running back position with the addition of Julius Jones.

Hopefully a chance to give the linebacker spot of the Bucs a slight over-hauling.

March 8, 2011

Tampa Bay Buccaneers to face the Saint Louis Rams

The tone for the up-coming match-up between the (3-2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the (3-3) Saint Louis Rams will be one of desperation for the Bucs who need construct a solid and consistent running game.

It’s almost mid-season and Cadillac Williams has yet to break 200 yrds rushing. HUH?

In fact, the only game that the Bucs rushed for more than 100 yrds was the game against the Bengals.

In preparation for the seventh game of the season for the Bucs, the need to get a running game going is not something that could be expected of any more. The Bucs will rush for 100 yrds or more this Sunday’s game against the Rams and collaborate a steady blend of efficient passing and rushing.

The Bucs have 2 losses on the season that were painful losses considering the fact that had the Bucs been able to effectively run the ball during these games the out-come would be in favor of Tampa.

February 25, 2011

What is a Salary Cap anyway?

For starters, we are addressing the fact that the current CBA talks with-in the NFL have raised the question as NFL team owners and players are feuding over the rights to negociate a salary cap agreement. Rather on a rookie scale or for a seasoned player for that matter. As of now, there is much to be determined if the NFL plans to continue with the preparations for the up-coming 2011 season.

So what is a salary cap one might ask?

Well, the salary cap (under a professional sport agreement) is defined as the maximum amount that a team may spend on player compensation in a given season, for all of its players and staff combined.

The NBA has one in which there are considerable variables associated as inclusions and exclusions and so does the NHL for that matter. This is how the league determines potential and eligibility as a paid agreement between players and teams.

Each sport franchise as stated has it’s own technique that is used to set limitations on the salary that a player may receive with-in a season. The NBA along with the MLB features a so-called soft cap, meaning that there are several significant exceptions that allow teams to exceed the salary cap to sign players. The NHL along side the NFL use the hard approach which means there are no luxury taxes or exemptions.

What makes the current talks amongst the CBA and the NFL so interesting is the fact that the NFL salary cap is calculated by the current CBA to be 59.5% of the total projected league revenue for the upcoming year. This number, divided by the number of teams, determines an individual team’s maximum salary cap. For 2008, this was approximately $116 million per team. For 2009, it increased to $127 million. As a result of the NFL owners opting out of the CBA two years early, in the absence of a new CBA 2010 will have no salary cap or floor. Which as stated at the start of the CBA talks just before the Super Bowl there is only ten billion dollars in annual revenue that must be split amongst the players and owners. With the players accepting the difference of 59.5 percent of that money seems unfair to the owners who also are in need of a stable financial structuring to maintain and operate team facilities and stadiums.

So the fuss is over the fact that the player are really earning more money than what had been expected in order to satisfy the needs of the team and fans alike. With the CBA mediation to conclude this Tuesday there is much to think about when the salary of players is expressed as a major concern for the NFL and it’s team owners as of now.

February 4, 2011

Packers secondary looking shady

How do you contend against the high powered Pittsburgh Steelers offense that has on average produced 221 passing yards (ranked 14th amongst the NFL) a game and 121 (ranked 11th amongst the NFL) rushing yards a game when lacking consistency and plagued with considerable defects with such a young team amongst a fantasied NFC top-rated secondary to be lead by the infamous Charles Woodson?

Despite have the moral support, guidance, and wisdom of 13 year veteran Charles Woodson, this defensive unit will have to step it up and become more consistent as a unit in order to keep ample pressure on Big Ben to keep him from making key plays during the Super bowl.

For a unit that has given upon average 309 yards per game the certainty if allowing themselves to remain focused and not allow big plays to happen is going to be a valuable but rational factor. This is the same defensive unit that we have watched over the season unify and become a progressive offensive pressure-cooker when facing teams whos offensive unit has the upper-hand as a productive component. As passive as the Packers defense seems, it does have the ability to make this a stifling atmosphere ad cause tension for the offensive line of the Steelers who have allowed 48 sacks on the season.

This will be a very impressive game to watch as this begins the Super Bowl weekend1

February 3, 2011

Even the NFL is having Insurance issues

It’s amazing how one simple aspect of living amongst this nation may affect the smallest to the largest entity these days. For some time now we as a nation have been battling to raise an awareness towards the unfair practices insurance agencies are taking to defend themselves when they need to be protecting us as paying customers.

Issues have arisen such as pre-existing conditions, dependability factors, age, leisure interests such as being a smoker or social drinker, and the over-all consideration of pay-out assumptions are all conditions that as a nation we are battling insurance companies about. Oh did I forget to mention that this also ties into the assumption of employment conditions as well? As twisted as all this sounds it is the truth.

October 12, 2009

What was missing from the Bucs offense against the Eagles

Week 5 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense only proved that more emphasis is needed to be taken upon the schematics and play scenarios, as once again the Bucs have tallied up another loss on the season bringing them to 0-5. For the first time since the 1978 season have the Bucs placed themselves into a position in which the offense is in need of every considerable type of improvement and fundamental conditioning that is needed out of a NFL. Besides the Saint Louis Rams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the second most worst position that is available within the NFL, as well as the NFC as a divisional team.

Tampa seemed to be in the process of becoming that marketable team that the NFC South is in need of beside the efforts of the Falcons and the Saints in which are currently the only productive teams in the NFC South as of now that the Panthers and the Bucs are amongst the NFL’s worst team of the season thus far. Why, How did this happen when the Bucs did all they could to manage themselves into a monetary status to at least set the tempo towards a profitable marketable season with the additions of Raheem Morris, Greg Olson, Josh Freeman, Bryon Leftwich, and all other behind the scenes productive personnel that make One Buc Place home for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It’s not as if the struggling that the Bucs are witnessing this season is just that of a couple of interchangeable mishaps, the Tampa team as of now have positioned themselves to only having the ability to consider the assumption of another draft pick in the up coming off season, cause there is no way in hell that the Bucs in this position can pull off a nine game winning streak to atleast keep a wild-card playoff appearance alive. Against the Eagles the game plan had been set to start Carnell Williams and show the NFL that rushing amongst the ranks of the most productive is not a problem, however that was diverted upon when the defense of the Bucs seemed to realize early that the Eagles were out for blood as the Eagles totaled 33 points against the young and sluggish Tampa defense.

Although the defense of the Bucs was displayed as being at times on their heels the offense was only in need of one or two major plays to keep the current statistical analysis of the Bucs valid. Despite resulting to throw 50 passes in which 3 interceptions were made as well as a slue of deflected passes, Johnson managed to put up 240 passing yards and acquire 22 first downs and convert 9 of 18 third downs for a 50 percentile rating. Josh Johnson also managed to another big possession receiver in that of free agent veteran Kellen Winslow who had 9 receptions for 102 and the only Buccaneers touchdowns of the game.

It is now up to the Tampa running game to step it up and put out. Out of 22 rushing plays the Tampa offense only managed to attain 85 rushing yards even with Johnson putting up 40 of the 85 yards with a 29 yard long rush. It is now a ground war that that the Tampa offense must face and address as offensive production is perceived as the lacking ability of the Buccaneers as a team over-all. When will the Cadillac be fine tuned and ready for running within the congested interstate of the NFL as of now? Will the Bucs be able to break even as a 500 ball club this season? Can we expect any more losses on the season for the Bucs? What is next for the Bucs as the rushing game is now placed as the most lacking ability of the team over-all?

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September 28, 2009

Who are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Where is the current coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bearing the name of Raheem Morris? Is he aware that the football season is under way and his guidance is needed in the effect of positioning an NFL team into winning and achieving the dream of championship status?

Currently the bucs have gone from being a potential despite starting the season with two losses. There seemed to be a small problem that needed to be adjusted amongst the offense which seemed like adding a consistent rushing attack to tire the defense. With these came the question of which running back to use as the recent signing of Derrick Ward added to the depth of the rushing game for the bucs but has yet to achieve what had been expected of him as Carnell Williams came back from a torn knee ligament and expressed in an instance that he needed employment the NFL with the bucs. The game against the giants Sunday proved the fact that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still in need of a stern captain to lead them.

I’m not sure how many people watched what could have been called an exclusive match-up between the fifth and sixth ranked passing offenses in the NFL but what was actually expressed was that Tampa, the lesser of the two is still just that as the display of Leftwich’ passing production was left in the locker room some how. Bryon Leftwich who had an average of 260 yards a game was held to only 22 yards passing with 7 catches of 16 attempts and 1 interception. Wow! That was a major turn around that had been made with the anticipation of the match-up against the giants, but how? Where had the offense that had 450 yards average total offense within two games gone so quick?

It’s one thing to have an offense that can pass as efficient as the bucs have been but it’s another to have an offense that can’t produce with the rushing schematics portion of an offense as the team total is at 259 total rushing yards after 3 games. What has become of this team? Everything about the team has been re-arranged as the bucs can’t even produce any more pro bowlers, what is going on with this team?

One thing that must be considered of this franchise is the fact of the matter is that this is a professional organization and so far the only expression of professionalism is losing quietly three games in a row to open the season. Way to go Bucs!

September 27, 2009

Bucs can’t buy a win

Once again for the third week in a row the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can’t seem to come up with the chemistry to produce a win in the win column. What a way to start the season 0-3 under the leadership of new head coach Raheem Morris.

Before meeting the New York Giants, one could say that the Buccaneers were in need of a more structured offensive unit, however, now that the Bucs have met the NFL power-ranked team it has now been concluded that the Buccaneers are in need of a new team theory in all.

Going into the match-up against the Giants, the Bucs already had the worst defense in the league with an average of 450 yards a game allowed. How?

It seems that Coach Morris can’t seem to hold the once predominate Buccaneers defense that, a predominate defense. There use to be a time were the mention of the Buccaneers defense had teams searching for new tactics to run against the hungry defensive unit. It might be time for the Bucs to invest in some free agent experience to give the defense that veteran knowledge and experience. Damn it would have been nice to keep Derrick Brooks. Having him seemed to give the Bucs defense that level of confidence that is needed to stop some of the best offenses and keep the game scoring scenario a close comparison.

So far the only bit of entertainment that has come from the Tampa defense is play after play of sloppy un productive visual displays. Just as the offense has been pulled together and started making moves through-out the NFL it should be fair to consider the same from the defense. Yes there once was a time in which the Tampa offense could not gain over 350 yards total offense, however, once again going into the game against the Giants an average of 450 yards had been displayed out of the offensive unit. Not the case during the game against the Giants.

What gives? Seems that what is needed now is to consider the losses against the assumption of next season already. Going into the forth game of the season the Bucs are in need of some future enlightenment.

July 4, 2009

Sports Economics

Has anyone noticed the unexpected changes towards the pace that athletes are expected to handle when considering themselves professional material?

Striving for the best has never been more expected and supposedly drawn out as ever before. Marketing schemes that have made sports such a popular career has brought the expectancy of up coming seasonal play to an all time high.

Never before have the implementations of real-life as well as fantasy roster projections for those career minded sports enthusist awing for the final call on pre-season fielding to begin what will be a dominate sports season.

You have a NCAA to NFL Draft Class that has believers expecting to see Stafford and Sanchez acclaim productive spirts in the NFL to contend for greatness. As the expectations of the draft class coem to close you have the free agency class movement that suggests that marketing approaches by team have only one thing in mind, and that is to finish the season above five hundred. There are currently nine new NFL head coaches that will be head hunting to fullfil thier contracts accordinly as well as movement through-out the NFL that suggests that this is the season to contend for dominance.

As far as the NBA is concerned, with the Lakers winning the Finals and allowing Kobe to claim his fouth ring, anything short of greatness will be uncivilized. Shaq in what may consider a pivitol season is claim he is in his prim as he goes to help LeBron in Cleveland. The Magic get rid of Alston, Turkoglu, Lee, and Battie to gain a home favorite in Vince Carter. The Clippers gain ground in their first round draft pick in that of the NCAA favorite in Blake Griffin. Mark Cuban has turned to Kidd once again to brimg forth that competitive spirt in the Mavericks for the 09 season.

Baseball is still having it’s unusual appearances of contorlled substances to bring the average fan wondering just if baseball is as safe of a sport of the American past time to keep harboring attention and fan support towards such a drug influenced sport. Lets just try to stay away from baseball to stay safe for now.

We have gained ground in the international soccer realm as we lost to Brazil in a pivitol match that landed us the 12th position in the FIFA world cup standings.

Sports is still a thriving marketable industry even in a recession. there is nothing from the sorts realm that might even suggest a recession has been a factor in the American economy.