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October 24, 2009

Magic first seasonal game is Wednesday October 28

As though I might have forgotten, the Orlando Magic had a terrific preseason run to open the season with, finishing with a perfect 7-0 record. As if the fact that they lost in the finals against the Lakers wasn’t enough motivation for them to improve on, the Magic have proven that this season they will be the Eastern Conference team to beat this season.

June 25, 2009

Vince Carter now a Orlando Magic.

With-out any ado, the NBA draft has taken the league to new heights as the anticipation of the 2009 season heads into play.

The league is seeing much action as trades are now the high-light of the draft thus far with Shaquille O’Neal going to Cleveland and Vince Carter nonetheless heading off to Orlando. While with the New Jersy Nets Vince averaged 36 mintues a game to give him 20.8 points per and 5.1 rebounds.

In a trade in which the Orlando Magic gave up guard Rafer Alston, forward-center Tony Battie and guard Courtney Lee, that veteran status and go-to scoring presence that Carter is said to offer better amount to the Magic being eastern conference contenders again next season as a NBA franchise.

From one stand point it seems that the Orlando Magic resorting back to the older style of pick and trade considerations that landed them to becoming the worse team in the eastern conference during the 2003 NBA season.

After coming off of a season in which as a team adversity and individual production seems to have been better out of this particular Magic squad than any other is grounds enough to try to keep that chemistry going into next season, however that does not seem to be the approach the Orlando manager Otis Smith has in mind.

At a time which championship intentions are expected the element of experience rather than chemistry seems to please the Orlando office as the new front runner of the Orlando offense is said to be that of the seasoned 6’6 guard, 11 season eight time NBA all-star Vince Carter.

June 18, 2009

The Future of Shaquille O’Neal in the NBA as a Center.

Since the start of his Basketball career, Shaquille O’neal has been viewed by coaches, players, and critics alike to being the answer to problems regarding inside scoring, rebounding, and paint pressure.

15 years later the 7-foot, 1-inch center is still looking to impact the NBA as a Big-Man altough his is a free-agent and out of work currently. Shaq, as a blue-chip prospect avoided instant league doqn-falls to become one of the NBA premire centers as he has attained accomplishments such as MVP, leading rebounder, blocks, the championship rings, along with the olympic medals.
Just the mere mention of the name Shaquille O’Neal and the expectations of productivity and work ethic seem to be calmed by the experience and patience that this legendary center gained and inspired others with as he is currently considering another season in the NBA.

Where will he go?

Although Shaq is a good player, the risks that come with him tend to out-weigh the potentials that the seven-footer has. Lacking in Free-throw abilities, old age, constant knee problems, etc.

Now that Kobe Bryant has acheived to attain another ring with-out the supporting efforts of Shaq questions around the league are sparking up as to the current ability of Shaq as a Big-Man and where will he be playing next season if that is what he wants to do, continue playing for the NBA?

I heard that Toronto Raptors are looking at Shaq as well as the Cavs now that his contract is up with the Phoniex Suns.

Where do you think Shaq will go?

Does Shaq still have what it takes to enforce the down-low potentials of a Big-Man in the league?

May 28, 2009

Keys to a Orlando win Tonight!

As if the momentum is not enough to inspire the Magic to a win tonight, defense will be the considerable factor to bringing the Eastern Conference trophy to Orlando.

The way Rafer Alston played in game 4 against the Cavs the potential and level of play is sure to be expected of him again tonight, althought the Magic bench is already notorious for bringing up the rear as the Orlando style of play just may place them in the finals.

Allowing the three-point play to develop and bringing the paint into the equation as an option of scoring will keep the Magic a scoring threat as the ranked defense of Cavs has began to show signs of weakness.

Indeed Rashard Lewis (with an expectional three pointer in game three) is also expected to put up numbers as well as to maintain an offensive front. the Magic have brought forth an impressive display of transition play in the two last games against the Cavs to keep them depending on a sole effort of Lebron James and possible defensive rebounds to keep them within range of Orlando’s productive scoring tactics.

In theory “king” James should be phased out (so consistant pressure on him should make him stoppable) after being tested game after game with no sort of help from the rest of the Caviliers offense as they have now lost to the magic a number of five times between the play-offs and this current eastern conference finals series, as it is expected that the Magic will close this off and advance into the finals tonight.

May 27, 2009

Orlando wins with a new tune at Home!

As the Orlando Magic began to prepare to face the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday night at home I’m sure a couple of senerios run through the head of the players heads as a historical factor of the Magic style of game play is considered. As the half-time festives transpired and game play continued you could tell the anticipation of entering into the NBA finals was a factor as Alston came out strong with an outstanding opening drive of 13 unexpected personal points in the matter of less than a minute and a half of game play.

No one has ever came out that blazed and expected to play as the now infamouos Nick Anderson once played as a Orlando Magic guard. As an unstoppable force, my lou skipped to a new tune as the Magic guard came ouot with a strong opening to advance the magic to lead the series three games to the cavs one.

May 20, 2009

Eastern Conference Finals!

Magic V.S Cavs!

What are the Orlando Magic facing as they enter into the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals as contenders against the Cleveland Cavaliers?

As the Cavs stretched the ranking’s to lead the eastern conference as a dominate force, the popularity of Lebron James seems to have taken new height as his reigns supremacy as the leagues MVP and the driving force behind Cleveland’s NBA championship run. In the post-season alone, James averages 32 points per game as the Cavs thrashed past both Atlanta and Detroit to contend as the Eastern Conference top seeded team into the Eastern Conference Finals. Having already lost to the Magic 2 games to 1 during the regular season, the Cavs have to be careful of the defensive front that the Magic have as they face off in the eastern conference finals.

Orlando has a couple of advantages in that they just beat the same team that put the Cavs out last year in the reigning champs of the defeated Boston Celtics. Needless to say that there seems to be some momentum that the Magic have, as the Cavs have set around watching the continuation of the playoffs having defeated rival eastern conference opponents in the first four games. A response as Cleveland advanced past Detroit in first round and the out-come of the semifinal round as Cleveland advanced past Atlanta.

As the magic as a team have progressed, it seems that so have individuals such as Hedo Turkoglu as he single handedly scored 25 point in the game against the Celtics to advance the Magics into the eastern conference finals and history as favorable playoff opponents as a NBA franchise.

May 17, 2009

Boston’s turnover ratio o the Magic’s field goal inconsistantcy?

Averaging at about 14 turnovers a game during the regular season the Celtic’s have their hands full as they face the magic tonight as game seven is to be played in Boston. Orlando have their own controversies as they have had problems staying consistent from the field as well as the three point range.

As these two teams battle to continue what seems to be evenly weighed paces towards greatness the only unbalance is the fact that the Magic are now entering their twentieth season as a team and need every thing to count going into tonight’s game.

Orlando started it’s existence into the NBA as a team to contend with as far as scoring comparisons are concerned as the Magic once held the NBA’s fifth best scoring team with an one-hundred and six points per game scoring average. Going into tonight’s game seven of the second round of the eastern conference play-off’s the Magic entered the play-off’s with an average of one-hundred and one points per game as the NBA’s tenth best scoring offense.

However scoring consistency will pay a factor entering tonight’s game as the Magic have held their field goal efficiency rating as the leagues forth best tem in the NBA when making improvements as the game transpires. Hopefully the Magic will make history in this aspect and improve to becoming NBA champs, until then lets advance to the eastern conference finals tonight as the Orlando Magic come to face the Boston Celtics in Boston at the TD Banknorth Arena at 7:30 on TNT.

May 13, 2009

Orlando scoring in the paint.

Game five of the eastern conference second round semifinals between the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics proved to be an improvedeffort when scoring in the paint forthe Magic. Normally the Orlando Magic as a team are not known to show any aggression when converting and scoring are factors upon the consideation of ball control and movement. As a team that is known for the high-post the magic became a factor scoring in the paint facing the Celtics in Boston Tuesday night.

Not having the ability to respond to the powerful Celtics front-men, the magic were forced to use thier heads and play ball as they made pivotal shots wll in the paint. at one point the magic were noted as scoring 38 points in the pain to bring game five to a close at the banknorth arena against the celtics. Being a small conservetive team, any sign of offesnsive production must be noted as potentials of impact whilethe magic are continuing the road to the finals as a eastern conference NBA team. Having the leagues leading rebounder, the ability to score in the paint shoould be a strongpoint for the magic. However, this statistic is more of a burden for the magic than of a shining point to place a competitive impact against.

What is known aboutthe magic scoring is that as a team 3-point scoring has been the back-door of a sense to the Magic as in its twentieth year as a NBA team, glory is in the hands of the posseser.