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March 11, 2011

What we mean by housing!‏

Since April 17 2009 there has been a push to address the current call to change the legislation that allows an extension of housing vouchers produced and the overall projection of budgeting assumptions. Shelly Moore Capito suggests that only 20,000 housing vouchers be produced and the projection is a mere 7 year assumption.

Upon submitting this letter, I’m asking that you make a decision that stands along the guidelines of the National Housing Trust Fund which suggests that over the next ten years that there be 200,000 vouchers produced annually.

It’s a bit much, but if you take that average of people currently waiting to receive housing vouchers along with those that may and are currently applying for housing vouchers this projection and assumption are sound and reasonable to ask.

The current financial crisis that we as an american society are facing calls to ask for such a drastic change from the prior and current assumption of decision making. A turn to address the current changes that the housing and foreclosure crisis has affected will make this a reasonable change of view towards the well being of this american society. Each day thousands of americans are being to the harsh reality that homelessness does exist and at any given moment they could add to that statistic.

Please, as the call to vote comes in the regards to opposing the Shelly Moore Capito amendment, take the stand to allow americans the option to staying housed, even if they are of lower-income standards.

July 9, 2009

Section 8 vouchers to be increased, or not.

Currently there is legislation that is being sought to consider allowing 200,000 section 8 voucher to being place into circulation over the next ten years. This will happen only if the financial services committee approves.

Current consideratios of section 8 housing voucher voting.
The vote on the Shelly Moore Capito amendment to only authorize new 20,000 vouchers is rescheduled to tomorrow, Thursday, July 9 at 9:30 AM (edt).

Oppose the Capito amendment.
Support 200,000 new vouchers each year for 10 years.
this consideration carries the same implementations that the National Housing Trust Fund stand for currently.

National Low-income Hosuing Coalition