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March 7, 2011

Changing the Definition of Homelessness!

A proposal begin before the end of the last congressional session to predetermine what is considered as being defined homeless. Although the consideration has not been settled as the economic state in which this nation is in it would be a wise suggestion to allow determination in the regards of budgeting and spending purposes to define exactly what homeless is.

There are many states of homelessness as there are levels of homelessness in which this nation has considered a predetermined amount of money to be used in the consideration of each state and level that is witnessed through-out each city and state that wishes to receive government assistance in this matter. The current conditions of homelessness that are up for consideration are that of families that are residing in motel rooms on a weekly basis and the conditions in which a person is couch surfing in which multiple families are residing in a single family dwelling. Also under current consideration is the fact that re-entry of prisoners is being questioned as a purposed amendment to determine applicable situations.

The state that this nation is in as an economic determination is the reasoning behind making more specific determinations of what homelessness is amongst this society. There are to many single mothers and families that are in one of the purpose conditions of homelessness that are not being allowed the proper services that are designed to aid those in a homeless condition. This alone bring forth the consideration of allowing homelessness to being defined in detail rather in a rural setting or an urban area to receiving the proper assistance that is needed to better equip them into maintaining permanent affordable housing.

July 9, 2009

Unemployed and facing homelessness?

For some time now I’ve received comments on my sites concerning unemployment and homelessness. I’m still in the research stage myself, however there is a direct direction that I wish to move towards.

Unemployed and want to blog about it in an unemployment forum goto There are tons of people here searching for answers.

Unemployed and want to blog in an unemployment blogging forum, goto Theres tons of bloggers here search for shelters and a way to defeat homelessness.

June 26, 2009

Homeless Services Network up coming workshop

For those that are wanting to place there information in on current hate crimes prevention and violence against the homeless in central Florida the Homeless Services Network will be hosting workshops for this subject.

HSN will be conducting a Violence Against the Homeless survey over the summer the will help us understand how we can better meet the needs of people who are homeless in Florida. Thank you for your feedback on the survey and would appreciate any help you can give in administering it. We’ll have the updated survey available soon.

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