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February 28, 2011

Climate Control needs attention in 2011

41% of the American people think the threat of global warming is being exaggerated having said this, today marks the beginning of a new era of activism to fight global warming.

A 2009 peer-reviewed study published in Science concludes that the planetary effects of Antarctic ice melt could lead to wildly uneven sea level increases. In the Northern hemisphere sea level increases as high as 21 feet may threaten New York, London, and Tokyo with total inundation — creating tens of millions of refugees.

Economist Nicholas Stern believes that without urgent action, we could be committing ourselves to a planetary increase of four to six degrees Centigrade. A temperature increase in which on a global concern has nations considering the fact that changes need to be made towards energy methods used for the greater good.
Wind and solar power, energy efficiency, a green energy grid—these are our energy future.

Fossil fuel burning, industrial agriculture and forest destruction cause the climate to change by releasing billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Scientists predict that unless humans significantly reduce carbon emissions, sea levels will rise, and weather patterns will shift violently. Human-caused pollution has left our planet on the verge of a tipping point at which ecosystems will die and release massive amounts of CO2. If that happens, the changes to the climate could be irreversible, countless species will go extinct, and our economic and cultural way of life will be forever altered.
The struggle to build a clean energy future is far from over, but today we started something truly momentous. If President Obama and the new Congress are going to have any chance of passing effective global warming legislation, they’ll need overwhelming popular support.
That is the reason for this letter. In writing this letter I wish to bring forth the fact that even though less than half the national population is aware that global warming news is valuable and needs the same attention now as the unemployment industry is just the beginning.
Will you make sure that ever effort to allow green solutions to come into play is a certainty for the people of Florida.

Thank You

February 28, 2011

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Emergency Contingency Fund (ECF)‏ 09

The TANF Emergency Contingency Fund and Homelessness Prevention Fund resources that will soon be awarded in communities across the country have the potential to transform how communities respond to homelessness among families.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Emergency Contingency Fund has a decided total amount that a state can receive in contingency funds over the course of 2009 and 2010 which is capped at 50 percent of one year’s annual TANF allocation. This 50 percent cap applies to the total of the new Emergency Contingency Funds and the pre-existing contingency fund that about a dozen states have qualified for.

Section 2101 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 in which the Recovery Act creates a new TANF Emergency Contingency Fund (ECF), funded at $5 billion. An investment in which states can receive 80 percent federal funding for spending increases in FYs 2009 or 2010 over FYs 2007 or 2008 incertain categories of TANF‐related expenditures. The three categories are basic assistance, non‐recurrent short‐term benefits, and subsidized employment.

The TANF block grant is also used by states in part to provide cash assistance to low-income families. Benefit levels vary widely across the states.

The definition of nonrecurrent, short-term benefits at 45 CFR 260.31(b)(1) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families Office of Family Assistance states: A benefit must meet all three criteria to be excluded as assistance. If a State provides recurring basic income support, then the State is providing assistance.

The TANF regulation at 45 CFR 260.31(a)(1) and (2) specifies that “assistance” includes cash, payments, vouchers and other forms of benefits designed to meet a family’s ongoing basic needs (i.e., for food, clothing, shelter, utilities, household goods, personal care items, and general incidental expenses). The regulation at 45 CFR 260.31(a)(3) states that assistance also can include supportive services such as transportation and child care provided to families that are not employed.

Effective October 1, 2006, the all-families work participation requirement is 50 percent and the two-parent requirement is 90 percent; both rates are then reduced by the number of percentage points by which the state’s caseload falls below 2005 levels for reasons other than eligibility rule changes.

All in all, the cap on total funding is more than double what the Congressional Budget Office estimated states would draw; this means that states can safely assume they will receive the full amount for which they qualify under the ECF.

February 28, 2011

American Over-population and the threat of immigration

Federation for American Immigration Reform
25 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 330
Washington, DC 20001

To whom it may concern:

This is a letter to express the awareness of bringing the threat of over-population to the American people a sound and approachable cause. This is a topic that demands the delicacy of sound reasoning to resolve this matter in a fashion that is in the best interest of the people of this nation.

Terms that come to mind when the thought of over-population is considered for discussion are impoverished states, third world status, national poverty, sub-standard states, un-livable conditions, no-food, no-water, famine, scarce conditions are all terms that are considered when facing the threat of over-population on a national scale.

As an American citizen this is a concern in which has never crossed the minds of myself nor my peers as this is now a subject of concern.

As much as this nation has thrived under the concept of providing freedom as a way of life to the people of this fine nation, as a people breed under democratic beliefs, being subjected to changing what we as naturalized citizens of America have now come to understand as fair living conditions now have to equate the consideration of living life by un-democratic means to bring forth understandable means of living conditions.

If illegal immigration and mass immigration are harming our country in an overwhelming and irrefutable way, then the people are entitled to be provided with sound judgment when dealing with the potentials of living an American life under the reality of unstructured standards.

Needless to say, the fiscal cost of immigration — both legal and illegal — has always been substantial, but with the recent economic downturn, these costs have become even more burdensome to the American taxpayer.

We as the people are entitled to being provided with answers as to how and why this is now becoming a problem in which we as a nation now have to anticipate as a living condition.

February 28, 2011

Dixie Walesbilt hotel

Reminder: This is just a suggestion that may help improve the economic consideration that Lake Wales is going through and projected to impact on.

With all the action that has been taken upon the structure known as the Grand Hotel, the police investigations, as well as the fire training procedures that took place this Sunday, one might expect to is some sort of action taken to revamp the once commercial dwelling place as the historic likings has become a known essence of the city of Lake Wales.

A suggestion that may be placed into consideration is that the city, make a notice that it has the largest building in Polk County (besides the Bok Tower) and with that notion it should become an asset of sorts rather than just a sitting duck.

Under investigation, the city of Lake Wales is already seeing improvement with the restructuring of the area around the mall as well as fiscal impacts of residential areas that are under-development as it stands under current time. Major impact of sorts would bring the consideration of housing a major business office structure to accent the economic impacts taken by the city as of now.

The time has become of late considering the expectations and actual involvements that Lake Wales has taken when considering the history of this rural Polk County Municipality.

This city, Lake Wales has at one time made Polk County what it is when taking into consideration the economic developments and Land Usage impact that have been made by this city. Under funding considerations by local residents this city has placed an over-all improvement into how citrus is viewed and taken on by the business factions that make up the local, county, and state structures as they are viewed. And this is just the starters of the truth and what can be stated as an opinion.

This city needs to become more impacted by the considerations of fundings to bring forth a sound impact that the county offers as the actual authoritative administrator.

Being the crown ridge of a jewel is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly! This is the marking of what is to come as an action of improvement. Being the actual center of this fine state of Florida does not mean that matters should be taken lightly either. We must make sound impacts to the thought and suggestions that are considered of Lake Wales. Those suggestions should be considered and made into a concrete consideration by placing thought into making the hotel work for the city once again as it has before in the past.

As a city, an accent peace is always the highlight that tells people how a city is doing as far as the impacts of cost of living and the way people spend their leisure time when not at work. Giving meaning to the phrase of work hard, play hard!

We as the residents of this county need that sort of impact to even bring forth a consideration of the social impacts that this county has on the state as a competitive resolve rather than an actual impact that is seen due to residents. This sort of economic approach could solve numerous problems that this county is seeing due to the lack of availability to understanding social behaviors and the impacts thereof.

Are we still the small town simple minded citrus camps that made this county as it is now?

Actions are needed to bring out those expectations that are considered due to the level of mixed cultures that reside in this county as of now. There is a lack of thing to due as leisure is implemented into the situation. The economic considerations that make up this county have become stifling and brought this city (Lake Wales) as well as the county not only expecting over-hauling but rather a basic sound impact to bring forth other suggestions of improvements such as the Polk parkway that made a sound resolve to traffic in a distinct area in Polk county known for traffic as well as the merging of Hwy’s 98 and 17 in Bartow, being that they are major improvements to the actual social impact of this county.

Its time for Lake Wales to answer to the cries of sound improvements that can be made to show the people that there is hope for our small city as social impacts are considered.

February 28, 2011

Comprehensive Wind Damage!

It seems that as a state when the consideration of homeowners insurance is ensued there are multiple factors that may arise when compensation theories are determined. What has stood out of the implementations is the fact that “wind damage” is the leading cause of the loss of homes and lives as hurricanes take away what is dear to use. For some time the state along with feuding insurance companies have been trying to figure out just how to identify a comprehensive means of determining the allocation of damage associated with the natural occurrences that take place during the summer season here in Florida.

As an identification of causes to the loss of homeownership the State of Florida has assembled a task force to assume responsibility in the reasoning practices as to why a problem as home foreclosure may arise with-in the boundaries of this fine State of Florida.

I’m sure that the way home owners are insuring their homes have not made any notice as the summer approaches and climactic occurrences will make way to the front page of news paper and headlined news stories.

Is comprehensive wind damage still a threat here in the state of Florida?

Each and every year the threat of weather occurrences makes a debut in the beginning of summer and the duration of and into the winter months that place as a very reasonable injustice to those that reside with-in the state. Each year this injustice of practices taken by the natural occurrence of the weather places the state to devise a way to attention the matter accordingly, given the fact that now as a state we have a negated tax free hurricane week along with other hurricane relief practices.

There was a point in time that this state was in pursuit of legal redefinition with insurance companies due to this occurrence of weather pattern, being the annual anticipation of hurricanes in Florida.

So knowing this, I take the risk of asking, is this something that the state must continue to address with the most considerable attention of reasoning? We as a state still need to know what will come rather legal or weather related in this subject matter.

February 28, 2011

A Second Chance for all

This is a copy of the letter that i sent to Dr. Lee Spell of the Polk County Jail. He is in charge of the inmate population as well as the current faith based program that is offered at the jail facility here in Polk County Florida.

The Second Chance Act, passed by Congress and signed by the President in early 2008, has been explicitly billed as a “first step” in developing a more effective federal response to the problem of people leaving corrections without adequate support. This act reauthorizes and revises an existing grant program within the Department of Justice, providing money to states for reentry programs, and it creates a federal inter-agency task force to study and
coordinate policy.

Each year, some 650,000 people leave state and federal prisons, and many times that number leave local jails. Some remain under corrections supervision, while others have served their sentences and have no further supports from the corrections system. Housing problems, including homelessness, are common among this group. These individuals tend to have incomes that are low, and they experience barriers to obtaining housing through the channels that are open to other low-income people. One result is that one in five people who leave prison becomes homeless soon thereafter, if not immediately.

People about to leave jail or prison with no place to live are generally eligible for services from HUD’s homelessness programs. Federal law has placed restrictions on the ability of people returning from prison to utilize Section 8 and Public Housing, and has authorized Public Housing Agencies to impose substantially more restrictions on them. These restrictions are often supported by tenants’ groups.

The current Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) supports the efforts that come with the threat of homelessness towards people about to leave jail or prison. Ask your state representative if they support this effort.

February 25, 2011

What is a Salary Cap anyway?

For starters, we are addressing the fact that the current CBA talks with-in the NFL have raised the question as NFL team owners and players are feuding over the rights to negociate a salary cap agreement. Rather on a rookie scale or for a seasoned player for that matter. As of now, there is much to be determined if the NFL plans to continue with the preparations for the up-coming 2011 season.

So what is a salary cap one might ask?

Well, the salary cap (under a professional sport agreement) is defined as the maximum amount that a team may spend on player compensation in a given season, for all of its players and staff combined.

The NBA has one in which there are considerable variables associated as inclusions and exclusions and so does the NHL for that matter. This is how the league determines potential and eligibility as a paid agreement between players and teams.

Each sport franchise as stated has it’s own technique that is used to set limitations on the salary that a player may receive with-in a season. The NBA along with the MLB features a so-called soft cap, meaning that there are several significant exceptions that allow teams to exceed the salary cap to sign players. The NHL along side the NFL use the hard approach which means there are no luxury taxes or exemptions.

What makes the current talks amongst the CBA and the NFL so interesting is the fact that the NFL salary cap is calculated by the current CBA to be 59.5% of the total projected league revenue for the upcoming year. This number, divided by the number of teams, determines an individual team’s maximum salary cap. For 2008, this was approximately $116 million per team. For 2009, it increased to $127 million. As a result of the NFL owners opting out of the CBA two years early, in the absence of a new CBA 2010 will have no salary cap or floor. Which as stated at the start of the CBA talks just before the Super Bowl there is only ten billion dollars in annual revenue that must be split amongst the players and owners. With the players accepting the difference of 59.5 percent of that money seems unfair to the owners who also are in need of a stable financial structuring to maintain and operate team facilities and stadiums.

So the fuss is over the fact that the player are really earning more money than what had been expected in order to satisfy the needs of the team and fans alike. With the CBA mediation to conclude this Tuesday there is much to think about when the salary of players is expressed as a major concern for the NFL and it’s team owners as of now.

February 19, 2011

How the NFL CBA talks should conclude

With twelve days left till the deadline for the negotiations that have begun as a collective bargaining agreement has been issued much is to be considered of the talks before any assumption of a stable direction is presented.

First there is the “Rookie wage scale assumption” that the NFL and the player union must agree on as the current class of up-in0-coming rookies prepare for the combine to take place. With in the dynamics of this agreement there is to be an assumption of a base pay rate for rookies as the transition of amateur skills are categorized into a professional statistical analyst. The rookie may be hurt in this portion of the negotiations due to the fact that the agreement may put an end to the known high-rolled signing incentives that have been offered to rookies in the past and introduce a smoother approach towards the expectations of professional pay as a player amongst the NFL.

Then there is the labor talks which have resulted in a no-salary cap to being permitted during the 2010 season of the NFL. A rather left-handed approach when you consider the amount of free agents that were amongst the NFL during the 2010 season as well as players seeking to bargain for a better contract to ensure stability and potential playing time. The NFL pretty much just said the hell with it all you guys(the owners and the players) have made the NFL what it has become as of now as the most entertaining sporting event, resolve this matter before the season starts. And what happened, nothing was resolved and the player and owners were stuck trying to consider how to further represent themselves to come to an agreement of terms.

Then there is the now infamous NFL “Health Care” Incentive. This was the most current news of the talks before mediation took place as it as a token of the NFL’s gratitude has considered that the players become 50% payers off the premium package with the NFL pretty much just offering a some claim in the deal as payers and further providing the accessibility to health services. Leaving some players and owners feeling robbed and not properly represented as employees of the NFL as a corporation and public entity.

February 15, 2011

Budgeting Cuts to affect Homeless Programs

Amidst the current considerations to save money and cut a slice out of the national deficit the President is proposing a five year plan to make drastic cuts towards programs in an effort to save money. Any and all federal programs are at risk of drastic cuts being made that will spark not only critical changes to how programs are treated but also the way that these programs are to further offer assistance.

For example, funding for the Homeless has issued a letter of concern as the consideration also targets what type of services are to be offered as of now.

What is currently at risk is # $2.2 billion for HUD’s McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants programs, 10,000 new HUD – Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) vouchers and 10,000 vouchers through the Housing and Services for Homeless Persons Demonstration.

As of now we must take the initiative to bring an awareness to the current budgeting dilemma and ask that no changes are made to how we handle the problems associated with tending to the Homeless.
This has become a major issue as more and morea families across the nation are witnessing hard times and the lack or enough income to maintain and stay afloat.

Something has to be done and what can be done is not to take away from programs that assist those in need.

February 13, 2011

NFL Lockout issues.

Has anyone noticed that since the 1987 strike that took place amongst the NFL the has not been any real concerns towards player salaries nor the expectations there of. It seems that amidst the current conditions of the proposed lockout is that there are concerns over rookie salary assumptions that have been over looked. I’m sure that since the infamous 1987 strike that took place the NFL would have revised a policy that would handle any and all ensuing concerns towards player salary.

Well the NFL hasn’t. There has been rumors that there may be a potential a developmental league that may be formed of the NFL to improve the relations of rookie incentive that will allow for sound reasoning when a pay rate is considered. Fact of the matter is that is receiving a rookie in certain situations teams are force to consider the impossible and invest in the expectation of a talented individual, which for some cases results in a valuable loss. Not all rookies that enter the NFL are a qualified and productive as considered leaving teams to resort to seeking free-agents or penalized to trade and take on more of a debt than expected. Meaning that not everyone that is accepted as talented individuals are.

This has become a major concern of the NFL as the deadline to reach an agreement between players and owners screaming for answers and a positive result.

Lets just hope as fans there is an considerable offer that may arise from this and the NFL is able to move on and NFL on schedule to kick-off it’s 2011 season as expected.