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November 19, 2009

The Webber International University warriors ended the season 4-6 with high hopes for the 2010 season

What a season for the Warriors of Webber International University as they ended the 2009 season with a record of 4-6. Although this is a losing record, the warriors made major accomplishments as a team this season amongst the N.A.I.A that could be used to pace the progression of the team as the 2010 season is anticipated.

The Warriors will lose players such as Sr. DB Anthony Story who had 3 picks on the season for 55 yards and 22 tackles, Sr. LB Yannik Brown who had 46 total tackles and 3 sacks on the season, and Sr. RB Rupert Webley who played 7 games and collected 258 total yards rushing on the season for an average of 36 yards per game or 4.1 yards an attempt.

Hopefully the warriors will welcome back players such as Fr. QB Torrence Moise who had 436 yards rushing and 1967 yards passing on the season, Fr. Receiver Andre Edwards who had 42 receptions for 663 yards and 5 Tds, Fr. Receiver Jamal Rodman who had 35 receptions for 452 yards and 5 Tds, Fr. DB Dale Robinson who had a total of 202 total kick return yards on the season along with receiver Jamal Rodman who had a total of 170 return yards on the season.

For a young team amongst the N.A.I.A, the warriors were very productive as a unit which tends to take on bigger faster paced programs. Amongst the N.A.I.A the warriors as a team were very competitive as they ranked well as a unit amongst the N.A.I.A as a young independent program. The warriors as a unit: Ranks Number 33 in Pass Offense per Game with 214 yards per game, Ranks Number 36 in Total Pass Offense with 2142 yards on the season, Ranks Number 37 in Total Offense Yards per Game with 345 total offensive yards per game, Ranks Number 37 in First Downs per Game with an average of 18 first downs per game, as well as Ranking Number 26 in Pass Effiency with 130 passer rating per game.

The warriors will also be starting the 2010 season with a 3 game winning streak.

November 5, 2009

Warriors advance to 2-6 on the season after homecoming

In a defensive homecoming game against the Builders of Newport News Apprentice the warriors struggled to bring in its second win on the season 17-14. The most haunting statistic about the game is the fact that the warriors only ran 53 offensive plays to accumulate a total of 243 yards, in which 69 of them were in the ground. The game seemed to run off of penalties against the warriors that drove the warriors to rely on the tactics of hard nose grind-iron football, a tactics that only could be drawn up by the defensive expertise in that of head coach Kelly Scott. It’s what he is known for.

Although, quarterback Torrence Moise was forced to rely on his rushing and scrambling ability to keep first downs coming, which the warriors were held to only 11, as the freshman quarterback seemed to improve on his passing game as he threw for 22 attempts and landed 17 for 174 yards and 1 touchdown. Moise averaged 10.2 yards a completion on the game as the warriors improved to 2-6.

For a team that had 12 penalties for 94 yards in it’s home coming game this past Saturday the warriors seemed to stay poised under the command of freshman quarterback Moise who now has about 1212 yards passing on the season thus far with two games left on the season.

October 28, 2009

Warrior Homecoming Against New Port News Apprentice

What can be expected this weekend as the Webber Warriors take on the Newport News Apprentice Program, well you can expect to see more of Freshman QB Torrance Moise as he tries to claim a homecoming win this weekend. So far he has 1138 passing yards in which he averages about 189 yards a game. You can also expect to see Taylor Atwood who under the current offense has slow starts in game in which he faces bigger opponents, but, when facing equally sized schools, the warriors rushing game is stated to be attestable. In the last two games against NAIA schools the warriors put up over 500 yards on the ground in an efficient manner. Hopefully there will be no troubles moving the ball down the field and scoring as the warriors try to claim its second victory on the season and at home.

Leaving the fundamentals of the game to being handled by the struggling defense of the Warriors. A defense that does have potential but not the adequate stability to handle the pressures of small dominate forces. Although being small themselves the warriors could handle what’s thrown at them as the team has 8 total interceptions on the season, however, as a young unit, they leave the passing lanes open for big gains and large threats downfield. Not having very many vet or seasoned players on the team is what has been hurting this program as of now as they try to adjust to having a team in the first place as the warriors are in their fifth season of play as a competitive N.A.I.A program allowing them to make the mistakes of going 1-5 on the season thus far but not to give up hopes of claiming another win.

October 7, 2009

Could the Webber Warriors be in need of a new head coach

For those like myself that are die-hard football fans are probably expecting the worse for the current Webber International University Football head coach, Kelly Scott. Maybe not.

The warriors are currently in the process of it’s worst season yet since becoming a team back in 2004 with the current standings of 0-5. Your Fired would have been the phrase that the four year head coach would have heard as he entered his office Monday morning, but things have been quite as the warriors prepare for a home game against their NAIA rival, Edward Waters College.

The warriors are still in need of conferencing approaches as a team amongst the NAIA as they are still journing the realm as a indpendent team. The warriors as a fourth year football team are in need of the direction that comes from being a conferenced colegiate team. They are lacking the ability to place needed wins on the board due to the fact that the majority of the team that are played are bigger schools that the warriors currently can’t handle. This should be the next approach that the warriors make as a decision is being considered for the future of the football program.

No new coach or staffing consideration will ever amount to the impact that is being negelcted upon as the warriors face the threat of becoming 0-6 on the season as a independent NAIA football program.

October 3, 2009

Webber’s Continual Losing Streak

I’m pretty sure that the Webber Football coaching staff will be looking for jobs like the rest of this nations unemployed after this weekends upset in North Carolina against the UNC-Pembroke Braves 30-3.

This is the warriors fifth loss on the season as the warriors have proven that when it comes to games outside the NAIA they can’t handle the pressure of swifter and more aggressive offensive fronts that have been placed in front of this young warrior defense. Facing situation such as instances where the braves offense would put together a yard-chewing 9-play, 70-yard scoring drive that would chew up two minutes out of both the first and second quarter or 62 yards in six plays, before capping off with a 16-yard touchdown run. The warriors defense gave up four-hundred and ninty-nine yards out of 71 plays of total offense in the game against the braves.

The warriors are still in need of that specific detailing in the fundamentals of the game as they seemed tired and off-set under certain situations that forced them to take the loss and come back home under the assumption that there is still more time to improve on the season. That assumption is now out the window and the highly considered expectation of a win has now positioned itself into a must have on the season.

This is by far the worst season that the warriors have faced since there inaugural season in 03′ as a team in NAIA football realm. They have had two different head coaches and staff changes have been an annual routine of events as the warriors have placed themselves into the position of a winless season coming home to face their rivals in Edward Waters this coming Saturday.

September 29, 2009

0-4 and traveling to face UNCP

After being idle last week, the Webber International University Warriors go back on the road to face the University of North Carolina at Pembroke Braves who are 4-1 on the season. Currently the braves are the series leaders against the warriors 2-0 as the last match up proved to be a highlighted game for runningback Brandon McLaurin who had 190 yards rushing and quarterback Corey Smith went 8-of-16 passing as the Braves gathered up nearly 400 total yards offense during the last meeting.

This should be a whole different ball game as the Webber Warriors are in need of a win for the season. This should be a big game as the warriors branch out of their division to face thier NCAA Division II rivals at home for their last home game of the season.

September 24, 2009

A much needed Bye week

There is no football games scheduled for the Webber International University Warriors as they have a bye week this week. A much needed bye week this week as the warriors are 0-4 and off to a collegiate football start that will only end in disaster due to there ten game schedule. There is only six games left in the schedule for the warriors this season, which hopefully during the bye week the warriors will focus on placing a winner in their column.

From a fan perspective, it seems that the warriors are in need of that type of focusing that only a fully motivated bye week could bring to ease the level of stress that is in the hands of it players and staff alike.

Coming off a long two game road trip only to come off the bye week to go back on the road does not really offer the time expected to revamp the offense that seems to have had some trouble adjusting to the demanding offensive scheming that Webber uses as a play calling routine. One might say that it is similar to the NFL wildcat offense that is being used by numerous NFL teams this season. Having three rookie quarterbacks that can step up and produce under the conclusion of the play-calling tactics says much for the team the defensively is struggling even with the defensive expertise in Coach Scott, an ex defensive coordinator.

There much to discuss on the field and off the field for the warriors of Webber International University.

September 19, 2009

The Warriors Running Game

In what should have been a win for the warriors of Webber International University against the Georgetown Tigers it wasn’t. Although the game seemed to be that of a beginning NAIA football rivalry the warriors 0-3 going into the game were not to be underestimated as contenders as the game went into overtime resulting in the Tigers a victory at home.

Going into the game the Warriors had not been able to establish any type of running game to start that season as they only had been able to produce 80 yards on the ground between two games. Today as the anticipation of the warriors passing game proved to be the defensive tactic taken on by the Tigers, the Warriors were able to produce 267 running yards with 52 attempts. Posing as a double threat, Warrior quarterback Torrence Moise had 105 rushing yards as well as throwing for 229 yards. The type of production that is needed out of the warriors as continue to try to devise a way to produce an effective rushing game on the season.

September 14, 2009

Not just a “W” in the column

Although the collegiate aspect of football season has just started for the Webber Warriors the season could not be in a more stressful position going into a game against NAIA’s three time champions in that of the Georgetown Tigers (Ky). The warriors are 0-3 and need to pull together a better offensive strategy then what has been perceived by Coach Scott and his coordinating staff. This probably will be the most mentally challenging game of the season for the Warriors who have still not found there way amongst the conferencing considerations of the NAIA.

As an independent, the warriors have been submitted into a football scheduling criteria that seems to leave the assumption that the warrior football camp is just a “W” in a column for most of the teams that they play, why?

In a discussion that is going on amongst the NAIA over on, the level of play is mentioned as the NAIA teams have begun football season with losses racked up against teams that have expected wins and a more competitive approach this season as a NAIA program. An expectation that is expected due to the fact that most schools can’t afford to offer better scholarships to a very spirited and accented recruiting class that comes out each year. It’s tough to anticipate the level of talent that will come from the high school draft class and present it on the football field with the expectation of a win. The warriors have done this with the presentation of three quarterbacks that come with the mental state to open the field of play offensively to produce but not to erect a win. Who’s to blame the offense or the defense? Or is this still the struggling assumptions taken on as a football program amongst the NAIA in that of the Webber International Warriors? What ever it is, it still seems that through it all the Webber Warriors are still viewed as a win in the column as a competitive independent contender.