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March 9, 2011

Buccaneers to host SuperBowl champs New Orleans Saints

Coming back home after a two game road trip, the Bucs will face the New Orleans Saints this Sunday. This will be the first time that the Bucs faced the Saints since last seasons 20-17 overtime up-set a game before the start of the NFC Play-offs. Last season both games that the Bucs played against the Saints were close games. Will this be a factor this season as the Bucs have come out a better team from last season.

Since last season the Bucs have added the addition of some skilled players in important positions which could affect the games momentum this season. There is the addition of Gerald McCoy ( with 5 tackles on the season) on the defensive line, Cody Grimm (with 15 tackles and 1 INT for a TD on the season) at safety, Mike Williams (with 19 Rec for 238 yards and 3 TDS on the season) at Receiver, along with Arrelious Benn (with 5 Rec for 58 yards on the season). All strategically placed into the Tampa roster to fill positions that were viewed as troubled position in the past. Although this season it seem that the Bucs have attained the special form of chemistry that is need for teams developing and on path towards a successful future there are still some positions that are in need of positive reassurance and influence.

Mainly the Linebacker position.

It seems that the youth of the Bucs has kept them from obtaining that once prolific defensive unit that had teams studying film to figure play packages that would divert attention from key offensive players. this is something that the Bucs have had to deal with for some time now and the problem needs to be addressed.

As the defense seems to not has not been influenced with talent by the addition of players in the off-season the Linebacker position of the Bucs needs some special attention if the problem were to be addressed any time soon.

Ever since the win in Carolina the Linebacker position of the Bucs has not been recorded in any major accomplishments despite only 1 loss on the season. Unusual, even for a team that has so much youth surrounding it. As noted the Bucs currently hold the 30th over-all rushing defense facing the Saints who have just seemed to answer their problem at the running back position with the addition of Julius Jones.

Hopefully a chance to give the linebacker spot of the Bucs a slight over-hauling.

March 8, 2011

Tampa Bay Buccaneers to face the Saint Louis Rams

The tone for the up-coming match-up between the (3-2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the (3-3) Saint Louis Rams will be one of desperation for the Bucs who need construct a solid and consistent running game.

It’s almost mid-season and Cadillac Williams has yet to break 200 yrds rushing. HUH?

In fact, the only game that the Bucs rushed for more than 100 yrds was the game against the Bengals.

In preparation for the seventh game of the season for the Bucs, the need to get a running game going is not something that could be expected of any more. The Bucs will rush for 100 yrds or more this Sunday’s game against the Rams and collaborate a steady blend of efficient passing and rushing.

The Bucs have 2 losses on the season that were painful losses considering the fact that had the Bucs been able to effectively run the ball during these games the out-come would be in favor of Tampa.

October 6, 2009

Who really was the better Team? Tampa or Washington?

Despite losing in a controversial road game against the Washington Redskins the are questions that have stirred up that has one asking who is the better team resulting form the out come of Sunday’s game. The Bucs went into the match up under the expectation of coming out with a win with the rumors that have been mentioned about the quarterback position amongst the redskins’ recently lacking offensive unit. The redskins have been in a slump here recently as the productivity has been slacking and Jason Campbell has been placed under the spot-light as being that specific factor that is in need of improvement.

Sound familiar Bucs fans?

Out with Leftwich bring up Johnson and ready Freeman. Or how about bring in Brad Johnson bench Shawn King, Or trade Brad Johnson for Jeff Garcia but sign Josh Johnson under the assumption that he will be the future if the team as a offensive leader. Then to get rid of Garcia and bring in Leftwich and sign Freeman under the same assumption that Josh Johnson was brought in under. The quarterback tango has been a fair trade marketing assumption that the Bucs have seemed to progress tactics and bring forth the ability to sign in drafted players and bait and trade them as an attempt to keep the doors open for that perfectly blended offensive powerhouse amongst the NFC South. Something the Bucs have never really been able to accomplish as a team since making that initially embarking the NFL as a franchise in the 70’s.

What really needs to be considered about the Bucs offensive production is that the running game needs to be brought to a NFL play calling regime to take flight rather than the small claims tactics of a college inspired rushing impact that has been placed thus far. The previous stats have shown that the Bucs are a very efficient team when rushing consistently. Knowing this, this has to be a priority going into any match-up this season just to keep the momentum going as the transition of new staff, players, and coaches have been brought into Tampa as influential factors to the team projections for this season.

We are now 0-5 and really in need of everything that a struggling NFL can use under the factors as of now in which the Bucs are faced with. Detroit has even come to make a statement upon the 09-10 season, and that’s win.

September 28, 2009

Who are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Where is the current coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bearing the name of Raheem Morris? Is he aware that the football season is under way and his guidance is needed in the effect of positioning an NFL team into winning and achieving the dream of championship status?

Currently the bucs have gone from being a potential despite starting the season with two losses. There seemed to be a small problem that needed to be adjusted amongst the offense which seemed like adding a consistent rushing attack to tire the defense. With these came the question of which running back to use as the recent signing of Derrick Ward added to the depth of the rushing game for the bucs but has yet to achieve what had been expected of him as Carnell Williams came back from a torn knee ligament and expressed in an instance that he needed employment the NFL with the bucs. The game against the giants Sunday proved the fact that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still in need of a stern captain to lead them.

I’m not sure how many people watched what could have been called an exclusive match-up between the fifth and sixth ranked passing offenses in the NFL but what was actually expressed was that Tampa, the lesser of the two is still just that as the display of Leftwich’ passing production was left in the locker room some how. Bryon Leftwich who had an average of 260 yards a game was held to only 22 yards passing with 7 catches of 16 attempts and 1 interception. Wow! That was a major turn around that had been made with the anticipation of the match-up against the giants, but how? Where had the offense that had 450 yards average total offense within two games gone so quick?

It’s one thing to have an offense that can pass as efficient as the bucs have been but it’s another to have an offense that can’t produce with the rushing schematics portion of an offense as the team total is at 259 total rushing yards after 3 games. What has become of this team? Everything about the team has been re-arranged as the bucs can’t even produce any more pro bowlers, what is going on with this team?

One thing that must be considered of this franchise is the fact of the matter is that this is a professional organization and so far the only expression of professionalism is losing quietly three games in a row to open the season. Way to go Bucs!

September 25, 2009

Facing Giant opposition

This Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face the NFL top rated New York Giants at Raymond James Stadium 1pm on fox networks.

Although most are viewing the game as a spiteful on as the former Giant running back Ward will face the 9th ranked NFC defensive unit lead by the precision tackling of Safety Michael Johnson. The Giants have proved that they might just be the team to beat amongst the NFC this year with the defeat of the Cowboys 33-31 last week.

Despite struggling defensively the Bucs have proven that they can produce offensively, just not in a scoring aspect. This will be a match-up of the 5th and 6th best passing units in that of the Giants and the Bucs match-up this Sunday. Leftwich is proving that he could improve as well as influence the concept of a passing quarterback in Tampa. So far on average the Bucs are producing 286 yards passing and could come up with more if they can figure a way to come up with some sort of rushing potential to core the production of the offense.

September 20, 2009

When Williams has 22-plus rushing attempts, the Bucs are 10-0

Out of all the things that can be expected of the Tampa Bay offense, one thing is for sure that besides a win, the run game must be established. The historical quarterback controversy seems to have been nullified with the signing of Byron Leftwich and his opening game performance against the Dallas Cowboys with 276 yard passing and one touchdown. He has the precession, the accuracy, the drive, the motivation and for the most part the height that Tampa has been looking for in a quarterback.

So what happened to the running game that Tampa had been supposedly working on with the signing of Micheal Pittman, the return of Warrick Dunn, the expansion of Earnest Grahmn and the rotation of Ward and Williams.

Tampa has lost that drive and potential that it had attained with the consideration of a running game before Gruden was released and Morris came in as that hopeful assumption of a turn-around- coach for the struggling Buccaneers. Now what needs to turned around is the rushing game that the Bucs could consider as powerful threat to any defensive front that could be brought as competition.

September 13, 2009

Has Football Season Really Started

What a horrible wy to open the season for the Bucs with a loss at home in a divisional game against the Dallas Cowboys. It seems as though the Bucs were still trying to conclude conditioning scheduling suited for preseason play development, where is the professional intensity? The only sign of production for the Bucs seemed to come from the backfield in the way Cadillac charged for 97 early yards. Between the backfield rotation and the checkdown assumption of the receivers, there still seemed to be some confusion on behalf of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As the season came to open in Tampa for professional football the expectation of a new and improved team assumption had been expressed and was taken into the mind set as kickoff took place at raymond james stadium. Almost every aspect of the team has been re-vamped and changed to influence production. The bucs can never seem to bounce back after having a successful season and that expectation has been considered with the renovation of the front-office and staff at One Bucs Place in Tampa. There has to be a more marketable approach that the bucs can take as a Nfl team and it seems that they have done just this in the off-season. So how long will it take for the changes to take affect as a publicly visual preception as well?

As a fan i feel very comfortable with the exchange for Leftwich as a QB. He has the signs and I hope that the staff sees it as well. He has to slow down andtake the time to see just how NFC professional football is played. There are different marketable approaches that can and are used while under contract as a player in this Conference. Coming to play for a slow moving Tampa offense must be dragging for him. It seems as though as the loss against the Cowboys is discussed, he seemed very tense, as though he is still unfamilar with the progam which ould be expected but could happen in the transtioning from th AFC.

Never expected to see the defense come to play as a reformed playing style of defense. Everyone still has that hungered look at each snap and the hustle could never be more noticed. It’s just that the bucs seem to be a very young football squad. REgardless of the professional level of play, they still seem to struggle with coming to terms with being that serious NFC South offensive total package. I just hope that the Bucs can see this in the opening loss taken and bounce back and bring forth a win in the next game against the Buffalo Bills.